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Her questions:
1. Favorite song at the moment?
Blouse - Videotapes
2. What's yr favorite character from a TV show/film?
Billy Bibbit from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
3. Band you've listened to the longest?
Probably The Clash from since I was a kid.
4. First film you ever saw at the cinema?
I have no idea
5. What would yr perfect self care day entail?
eating shit
6. Do you have a favorite star or constellation? If so, which one?
no idea
7. Favorite color(s)?
Black.Dark Purples and Reds too 
8. If you could hear a cover of any song by any band of yr choosing, what would it be?
Crystal Castles covering a Joy Division song. Perhaps Colony ? 
9. What's yr favorite piece of clothing?
My many pairs of tights
10. Have you ever had a supernatural encounter?
not really
11. What do you wish you could have/do right now?
hang out with this person that lives over seas .
My Questions:
1.Do you subscribe to any Philosophies or religions ? What are they?
2.How do you imagine death?
3.What arouses you?
4.Describe your taste in fashion?
5.Favorite Names?
6.Favorite Albums?
7.Sexiest scene in a film?
8.A song you can relate to?
9.Do you enjoy pain?
10.Favorite smells?
11.Least favorite film?

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