+ july 9 +
we are home bound. the plane leaves at nine o' clock sharp. don't be late. and don't be sad we are leaving, summer isn't over quite yet. when you arrive home, you'll most likely be to jet lagged to do much.

Birger et Mikkelsen dress [check]
Chloe Bag [check]
awesome gladiator sandals [check]
Eugenia Kim hat [check]
Ray's [check]
Bags [check]

im going to miss this place, it was very cool,
im sure im goign to the office as soon as we get to NY, i might need to put on some Suede Louboutin pumps, my dress is fine for work, 
i dont know what to do about Jasper... maybe i'll ask someone for some advice. i like him, and i think he likes me too...
ugh boys are complicated, but so are we. haha
i should sleep now...
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