Name- Sophie Marie Dawson
Age- 15
Favorite Singer- Billy Joel, Florence & The Machine, Lily Allen, Jem
Dancer or Singer- Both but prefers Dance.
Bio- {Mod but i'll do it anyways!}
Sophie is an artist. 
Sophie is a Dancer.
and Sophie is a Dreamer.
she stands up in what she believes in, and if you hurt her she /will/ tear you down. She has a strong spirtual connection with Art and she thrives on it. her Jewish and Catholic origins make her question her own religon, and sometimes she /doesn't/ know what exactly to believe in. She likes to have a good time, but is not a wild partier. she has ADHD, but it acts more innattentive than hyper most times so you can't tell. she's ever changing, a camelion.
Likes- Art, Percy Jackson, reading, drawing, dancing, musicals, Disney, sarcaisim, Singing, tumblr memes & Greek Mythology.
Dislikes- b!tches.
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