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1.Favorite Punk Band?
------------------------The Gits
2.Favorite Genre of Horror?
------------------------Psychological & Weird fiction
3.Most attractive disease,defect or injury?
------------------------ ? Ptosis
4.Favorite Director?
------------------------ Wim Wenders
5.If you had to pick a period of the past to visit,what period would it be?
6.Favorite David Bowie Era?
7.Best thing about the 80's?
------------------------ John Hughes
8.You have to pick a high school from any film/tv show to go to what school would it be? 
----------Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp
9.The Oldest person you have ever found attractive?
10.Who would be your dream wife/husband?
----------------------- My current partner
11.Favorite Subculture?
------------------------Outsider art

My Questions
1- Favorite adjective to describe yourself?
2-Best piece of advice ever given to you?
3-Where was your most horrible plane/train/bus/car ride?
4-Do you plan any epic road trips, where?
5-Favorite painter? (Dead)
6-Favorite painter? (Alive)
7-Do think dream journals make dreams any more lucid?
8-What is the deal with standing in lines?
9-Life after death?
10-Moths or Slugs?
11-Can I dare you to leave a poem somewhere?

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