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1.Favorite Punk Band?
------------------------The Gits
2.Favorite Genre of Horror?
------------------------Psychological & Weird fiction
3.Most attractive disease,defect or injury?
------------------------ ? Ptosis
4.Favorite Director?
------------------------ Wim Wenders
5.If you had to pick a period of the past to visit,what period would it be?
6.Favorite David Bowie Era?
7.Best thing about the 80's?
------------------------ John Hughes
8.You have to pick a high school from any film/tv show to go to what school would it be? 
----------Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp
9.The Oldest person you have ever found attractive?
10.Who would be your dream wife/husband?
----------------------- My current partner
11.Favorite Subculture?
------------------------Outsider art

My Questions
1- Favorite adjective to describe yourself?
2-Best piece of advice ever given to you?
3-Where was your most horrible plane/train/bus/car ride?
4-Do you plan any epic road trips, where?
5-Favorite painter? (Dead)
6-Favorite painter? (Alive)
7-Do think dream journals make dreams any more lucid?
8-What is the deal with standing in lines?
9-Life after death?
10-Moths or Slugs?
11-Can I dare you to leave a poem somewhere?

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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
Haha! @hustle, I just really adore/appreciate Christopher Plummer!

Wrote 4 years ago
i like old men but 82... that was a surprise for me! haha


Utopia Parkway

Utopia Parkway

Art sets inspired by the magical collage and shadow boxes of Joseph Cornell. I've tried very hard not to go and find images of Cornell's work and clip them to Polyvore. That would be too easy and that is not the intention of this group. It is about creating sets with Cornell's style in mind. Check out his work here.http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/cornell/ and here
http://www.pem.org/sites/cornell/# and here
Think ballet, birds, boxes, dreams, bubbles, bottles, longing, found objects, star charts, old letters, old Hollywood stars...

grungy kawaii flower children

grungy kawaii flower children

An alternative type fashion group, I suppose. Do you make grungy, bohemian, punk, kawaii, ect. sets? Then submit them here.

Artsy fartsy & Quirky Turkey Kiddos

Artsy fartsy & Quirky Turkey Kiddos

"This is a very volcanic ensemble your wearing"

When questioned about my odd attire I like to justify it with a quick "it's ok, I'm an art kid". Artists in general have the wackiest fashion stereotypes...so why not live up to it right?
Show me your inner Amelie, Joon, Hagumi or Phoebe. In other words, break out with the artsy fartsy and quirky fashion sets!

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