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The Korean Guy of 2013:

The previous years:

1. Junsu
2. Jaejoong
3. Hyunseung
4. Soohyun
5. Jung Il Woo


1. Yixing
2. Soohyun
3. Junsu - I mean Minjun
4. Jongin
5. ....

and dumdumdum 2013!

Well, there's no need to lie, 2013 was basically only EXO for me so my bias list is actually an EXO bias list. Okay I liked others group's music but I don't really get any biases... T_T

So the list:

1. Yixing (I swear he will stay there forever)
2. Sehun (this little s*it seriously ruined my life this year)
3. Minseok (<333)
4. Jongdae (the other little s*it)
5. idek all the other members :P


I hope you guys had a nice Christmas ^^

It was nice for me except something is up with my waist and for days i couldn't really walk without its getting better a bit but still not okay :( I am not happy because i have so many things to do and i am moving in 4 weeks! hopefully it will be okay by the next week or i am f*ucked... ;~~~~;
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