Wow. Well last night I went to the YMCA. They have this thing called "middle school madness" its like a club area for middle schoolers to go to. From 8PM- 10:30 PM. When we first got there, Zack was all over me. He kept looking at my butt and i hit him and told him he was a perv. & he was like "daamn, i can stare at that all day" and i stopped walking and he pushed me in front of him and said "keep walkiing , so i can look!" AHA (: Then later we were in the lobbby , and he took my phone and he asked why i broke up with RJ. and i said he was boriing. & he asked what did he doo ? & i said nothiing. and he's like woww rj's dumb! & i said howw ? and he was like i wish i was RJ. and i said why do you wanna be like hiim? and he said i dont wannna be like him.. i wanna be him bcc. nvvm you dont get it. and i said i think i doo ;) and he was like tell me what i said theen, but someone came overr, and we stopped tlking ! & Me & My boyfriend were supposed to hang and have a good time. But he wasnt even talking to me... Lynsey made him say hey and hug me. And everytime we passed him, he just walked by me. When we were in the dancing area, I was like all over Caleb and stuff. & Josh and my boyfriend (bailey) came over and josh was talking to me but bailey didnt even say one little wooord .. So I just hung out and stuff for a while but I finally noticed RJ (my ex) was there. We kept looking at each other and finally he waved, and i waved. & he was tlking to all his guy friends and he was about to walk over to me but he saw bailey. Then he left the dance area, and came back without his jacket. He stood beside me, and i hugged him. And we talked and I whispered in his ear that my boyfriend was right over there. & He was like "do you want me to leave?" and i said noo! so we were just talking and craap , and he said he'lll BRB . welll later on i was so madd. bailey STILL wouldnt talk to me and he was just over there with callie and emily ! sooo.... i was gonna make him mad. i wanted to make out with RJ in front of hiim, but i thought it was 2 harsh. so i was gonna make out w/ rj, and someone will tell him. So I went downstaiirs, told RJ i wanted to make out. & He got against the wall in the darrk, and made ouut. OMG.. it was so good. But Lynsey tapped me so i had to stop, bc the YMCA people were stariing ! so then we all ran up the stairs, and i was gonna tell bailey. lynsey brought him over to me, but i couldnt do it... i was laughing and i just couldnt say it, so lynsey started telling him and i ran away with christina so fast. he looked soo sad !! but i went downstairs and made out with RJ again. & we were grinding when we made out, and i was all up on hiim, daaaaamn. he can make out soo good. i didnt wanna stop, but lynsey tapped me again !! and then i felt like a total sluut, some girl ran over to RJ and started screaming at him, telling him he was nasty and all this craaap . then josh, (baileys bestfriend) saw the whole thiing.. and he said he feels diff about me now, and said bailey said it was overr ? so i felt so bad so i went to the gym and got bailey away from his friends, and we talkked in the corner, and i huggged him and everyone kept staring , so we went on the stairs and talked for AN HOUR. it was so sad, i felt horrible. but he said Josh liied, tht he nvr said it was over and he doesnt want it to be over.. and i lied to hiim, i said RJ came up all on mee, and i didnt wanna make out w/ hiim, and all this othr stufff , and i hugged him twice for a rlly long time... and i told him i wud kiss him and craap but i shouldnt bc i didnt wanna seem more of a sluuut , and everybody kept saying "OHHH YOUR GONNA GET SOME BAILEEY!" and people kept saying "AWW" & magaaaly (god i hate her) asked if we were still together and i said yeaah, and she ssaid aww. then cinthya came over and asked if we kissed yeet, and i said yeaah, and she was like do iit ! i wanna take a pic, and she got out her phone and i screamed no were talkiing ! and bailey yelled at herrr , so she went awaay . so we kept on talking about ALOT. but i dont feel like explaiining it all (: haa, so the rest of the nighht we were togetherr, and i talked to rj about 3 tiimes , and told him i was sorry and all this othr craap and i felt SO bad bc he was gonna ask me outt, but he was gonna wait 2 days so it wouldnt seem like i was a hoooe /: i broke his freakkin hearttt ): i hugged him alot. i felt so baaaaaaad . & bailey didnt rlly tlk to me alooot aftrr , he just stood beside me & stufff . and now i lost my voiice bc rj was siick /: i guess thats wht i deservee ! /: & i was gonna go to the movies with baileeey , lynseey, richard, and othr guuys 2day . but im not gonna bc of my voiice /:
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Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
yeah i guess smtin like tht

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haha write a story about my liife ? :P



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RANDOM is what RANDOM does- PART 2

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