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Hello, all. 
It's kinda late to be posting a set (and I've already posted two today, taglist and all), but I felt as though I had to make this. Please excuse tagging for the second time today.
Robin Williams passed away today. He gave the world great characters: Genie, Peter Pan, and Mrs. Doubtfire to name a few. I know that his death will be forever upsetting to those who grew up watching him, myself included. Never before has a celebrity death affected me so greatly. I wanted to take the time to talk about his cause of death, as it needs to be talked about. Even if one person reads this and is somehow more aware of this important topic, then I've done my job as someone with any sort of internet influence. (Not that I think I have a large influence, but there are quite a lot of you, and many of you are young, so I feel like I should say something.)
Robin Williams committed suicide after battling with depression. If we can learn anything from this very sad event, it's that depression can affect anyone, no matter how successful, how cheerful they may appear to be on the outside, or how well known they are. I just want all of you to know, that if you are ever feeling like depression is something you have, then I urge you to please, PLEASE seek help, because every life is worth something. You are all brilliant, special humans. Suicide is 100% preventable if you let it be. 
Alright, that's all. A bit sappy and heavy, but this is a sad occasion. Don't be surprised if I don't post a set tomorrow. I want this to be the first thing seen on my profile for at least a full day. Thank you for reading, and remember that you are loved.
R.I.P. Robin Williams

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." ~Robin Williams
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