okay hi. c:
so, if any of you didn't know, i hurt my right ankle in volleyball back in september, and the doctors in my town just said it was a sprain, and i had to go to physical therapy for a really long time.

but my dad was convinced that it was something more serious than a sprain, so we went to a different doctor about an hour away, who found out that i had a torn ligament in my ankle. 

so yesterday i had surgery & he also found out that i had some sort of extra muscle or something, i don't really know. but the whole experience was hilarious because i'm not even joking, 5 seconds after they give you the anesthetic, you're asleep. it only feels like you were sleeping for about 5 minutes, too.

in recovery, i just fell right back asleep because it hadn't worn off completely. and i got kfc when i left the hospital, but i didn't eat much.

at home, i sat in the recliner in my living room for a while, took some of the pain medicine i was prescribed, and took a nap. i woke up around 2 hours later and watched dance moms, and i felt like i was going to get sick, but i didn't thankfully.

i slept upstairs in my room in another recliner last night and i actually slept pretty well. this morning, the numbness had worn off and my ankle hurts so bad it's not even funny. so i'm just trying not to move it at all right now.

i think i'm going to go watch the perks of being a wallflower soon with my mom and eat more doritos. just thought i'd fill you in on what's happening with me. c:

xo, kayla. ♥
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