Dunno if I'll get around to actually auditioning for the Wasp, but, I am here at least to promote the new Avenger's/Marvel based rp, Revolution Rising.


Join that sh*t, kay?

PS: When I was at Disneyland there was totally a Bronie convention happening. There were 14 year old boys in MLP shirts everywhere at the hotel and on the streets. It was interesting.
Audition stuff.

Name:Janet van Dyne 
Alias: [the] Wasp
Age: 23, more or less.
Species: Human--mutated in an experiment 

Power(s): size manipulation, flight, bio-electric energy blasts, & telepathic insect control, superhero design skillz.

Personality: Type-A, spoiled but ambitious, sociable, witty, strong--mentally and physically, slightly neurotic, vain, charismatic, improvisational. 

Likes: Networking, southern California, black and white, gold jewelry, designer power suits, healthy breakfasts, cigarettes for lunch and dinner, personal assistants, peppermint mochas, rainstorms, sleek and modern design, the no cape rule, entomology, push-up bras, biting come-back remarks, martinis.

Dislikes: Dating, the East Coast, her ex husband, being overlooked or underestimated, the color pink, fussiness or unnecessary embellishment, being treated like a child, old conservative republican men with too much power, dull people.

Bio: A few years ago, Janet Van Dyne-Pym and her husband Henry were the super-duo couple of epic proportions [ironically speaking] and two of the original members of the West Coast Avengers, having joined forces after Janet’s father [whom Henry worked for] was murdered and his only daughter and living heir sought vengeance. As a teenager, Jan was the sort of shallow, albiet straight-A student, typical of an affluent West Coast upbringing, and even her decision to undergo the mutation that would give her the super human powers she now possess was out of a frivolous, not very thought through act to seek revenge for herself. Even with Henry, Janet was never really in it to be a humanitarian--being a superhero was very glamorous, and she has always liked the attention. But her naivety caught up to her, and when she overshadowed her husband’s abilities with her own success as a self-branding image of a superhero, the Wasp became the target of Henry’s loose temper. The stark reality of human fault and the abuse she endured for several months before having enough aged her quickly. Always both business and street savvy, however, she did not let herself become one of those completely delusional battered women and filed for divorce. Since then, Janet has distanced herself from her career as the wasp and any actual crime fighting, and has been laying relatively low in her mansion in Los Angeles as the latest and greatest up and coming young fashion designer. She does keep a foot in the door by being the Edna Mode of the Marvel world, designing sleeker, more modern updates for heros with the same sort of design principles in mind [no capes!]. And she’s been happy. But, for whatever reason, her past has found her, and coaxed her back into the world she closed behind her years ago. Though she admits it’s good to be back in the front lines, it’s likely this new arrangement with SHIELD isn’t going to suit a freelancer like Janet, especially when bad memories may be catching up with her again.

Model: Karlie Kloss [with short-hair. Thank you.]
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/winsome_wasp/collection?id=2548257
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