"Hum... well i just... can i get back to you on that one?" i asked Jayden bitting my lip so hard i think it was 
about to draw blood.

"its ok Cassandra dont panic, i was just curious" he said and smiled now can you handle the store? i need to run

i was kind off shocked first he asks about my past and now of me starting my job.
"sure are you comming to lock down?" i asked i was not sure if i could be able to do it all today.

"yes! dont worry i wont be long"
 and with that he was gone. 

the store was actually pretty cool. it had personality.

then my cell phone rang.


ugh here we go.

"Cassandra Reynolds"

"hello Miss this is Rina from your fathers office."

"i know who you are Rina, you have called me at least 899 times over 
my whole life." i said and chuckled.

"well Miss im sorry to bother you but we need some last minute 
dessitions and i know you are the one who calls the 
shots here. is Internet an option where you are right now?"

"yes, let me logg on"

i started the ancient computer and waited a good 5minutes for it. 
and i stayed on the phone with Rina looking over the investments 
and exports and imports of the company 
as well as some stocks in the market. everything is fine.

then the bells, from the door, indicating someone just got in.

"Who are you?" a striking brunette with wild green eyes hissed at me.

"im well the new shopgirl, im Cassandra" i said kind of shyly. What?? 
she was very scary.

"Well Cassadra, do you happen to have any idea where Jayden is?"

"no Ma'am he went to run some errands or so he said"

then a breathless and may i say extremly hot Jayden came through the door.
 his breath was shaggy and i felt a hitch 
on the base of my throat. he was very atractive.

" I told you to wait for me Melissa" he said in a Matter-of-fact tone.

"well i just did not felt like it. Annia is in the car and she is yours, 
have a nice life Jayden"

Then we saw her get a 5 year old looking girl with the same blonde hair as 
him and her green eyes, out of the car. she kneeled down and told her something
the girl sniffed and wipped out her tears and hugged her mother.
then she came in with the most beautiful grin i have ever seen. yet.
and he just screamed "daddyyyyy"

Jayden opened his arms and she flew right into them

"hello baby girl, how are you cupcake?"

she looked at me and blushed. she whispered.

"im not a baby daddy" and hid herself in the crook of Jay's neck.

he looked at me and his smile fell.

"im Sorry you had to see that Cassandra. we are clossing early today"

he was worried about me?

"Dont worry Mister Christensen, its nothing everyone has its own issues."

he looked at me really weird.

"Mr. Christensen?"

i blushed. WTF! i havent blushed since high school!

"well you ARE my boss after all." 

"oohhh well in that case Miss Reynolds" a frown grew in my face. i hated being called that.
he laughed " see is not cool! how about im Jay and i call u Cass. and this Munchking right here 
is my baby girl Annia.

Cass, i loved how my named rolled out of his lips. wow!! crush much?

"nice to meet you Annia. and i'd love that Jay" i said and smiled.

"Annia be nice." Jay scolded her.

"nice to meet you Miss Cassy"

i just smiled.

"well i think its over for today. we open at 10. so be here at 11 its fine."

i made my way to the door, and got a nice view of his toned body that seemed to melt down in the fabric of his 
light washed jeans and black long sleeved shirt.

"sure, i'll see you tomorrow, bye Jay, Good Night Annia"

"see you tomorrow Cass" said Jay 

"bye Miss Cassy" said Annia.

And with that i walked out of the store. i think my first day didn't suck... right?

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