So we stopped at this creepy motel last night, and it had free Wifi, and IT SUCKED SO BAD!!!

I got on Polyvore, BUT I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!

I couldn't fave sets, reply to PM's NOTHING :P it was horrible :P

So then I thought, "Well, I wanted to go swimming anyway, I'll do it right now"

So I go down there to see how crowded it was, and there were all these dirty old drunk men in it that kept waving at me and laughing as I went by.

I was so sure I was going to get raped. I was just waiting for that firm grip on the shoulder XP

So finally I went to bed. And didn't sleep well.

The bed squeaked so flippen bad :P

PShhhh motels suck so bad.

On the bright side I met a cute boy, and I think he thought the same of me because after I talked to him he said "Well, Good morning" and it was afternoon XD

But we didn't exchange numbers :P
Possibly a good thing.

Today I was looking for stuff to get my friends, and I went to this rack that had all these celeb/alien IDs, and they had ONE LADY GAGA ONE LEFT!!! I also got a Joe Jonas one :D

I bought it, or my dad did. :)
I'm so happy <3 lol
It has facts on the back:
Lady Gaga:
Designs and makes many of her stage outfits.
Credited for writing all the songs on her album "The Fame"
Admits to almost getting arrested at a concert because she was underessed. She wore really tiny shorts.
Came out as a bisexual in 2008.

Joe Jonas:
Favorite song from album "Jonas Brothers" is "Still in Love with You"
Favorite color is Blue.
Loves running and soccer.
Bad habit is biting his nails.

Fun Fun :D
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