little things to remember:

♡ no one else’s opinion of you matters
♡ be who you are and the right people will find you
♡ faking confidence and happiness works 
♡ life is too short to let other people’s opinions stop you

♡ embarrassment and awkwardness is a normal part of life
♡ it’s ok to dream about unlikely things 
♡ nobody’s going to remember that awkward thing you did or said
♡ there will always be some people who are going to judge you, so might as well do what you want to do because they don’t matter
♡ sometimes people are mean because of personal stuff, not because of you

♡ going outside the house will make you less cynical and sad
♡ there’s always someone who loves you more than anything
♡ just by existing you’re making someone’s life a lot better
♡ it’s okay to feel lost because you’ll be ok no matter what
♡ happiness will come when you least expect it
♡ you can make it through anything, just keep going

♡ ♡ ♡

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