Happy Birthday Sehun!~

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Questions for me:

First Qs:
1. What's your favorite memory? Everyone in the family crowded around the dinner table for home cooked meals. So much talking & laughing!...
2. Name your top 5 foods: salads w/avocado & bacon, BBQ ribs, lettuce wraps, soba tempura soup, all veggies. + Not a food but love chocolate~
3. What's your favorite sport? Love to swim. Like watching kids play sports. They try so hard!
4. Do you have any hobbies? If so what? I like to collect photos, do photo essays/blogging, and Photoshop pictures for fun.
5. Rank your top 5 bands/groups: Super Junior - EXO – Infinite – 4minute - SHINee 
6. Who's your bias? And why? Ultimate bias is Kyuhyun for the way he sings and performs. 
7. Which one: the beach or the mountains? Beach!
8. What's your biggest fear? I don’t give fears any time or attention, just don't !! : )
9. Have you ever fallen asleep in class? Nope. But I have daydreamed before!
10. Can you play an instrument? I used to play oboe but quit because it gave me headaches…I still like the sound though.
11. What kind of student are you? Focused and serious – but I love to take lots of study breaks too (which often involve chocolate)

Second Qs:
1. Is there anyone you know that reminds you of a celebrity? My brother looks like Nikolas Cage!
2. Are you more of morning, afternoon, or night person? Am a morning and a night person… 
3. Choose 5 words to describe yourself: positive – patient – adventurous – courageous – kpop-addicted(!)
4. Choose 5 words to describe your ideal type: smart – quiet – calm – observant – funny. #6: chef(!) 
5. What was your latest dream? Meet my friend in New York City and eat at Japanese restaurant
6. What dream(s) do you have for the future? Learn more software programs, do gardening again
7. If you could have any job regardless of how much money it makes, what job would that be? It should be related to international projects w/ Japan and Korea.
8. Do you like to volunteer? If I have the time, and if I’m passionate about the cause, yes, I like to.
9. On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you? 8.5. Seven months ago was 4ish…things are much better now!
10. What makes you happy? Being my silly quirky self around family and friends; talking with my one sister who is also a Kdrama fan; creating and viewing sets, messaging my Kdrama & Kpop Poly-friends. Who else can I talk to about this stuff ?? Only you guys! 
11. What are your pet peeves? Loud, yelling people, bulldozer personalities, chemicals & preservatives added to our food, water, and cosmetics, stuff made of plastic…

My Questions:
1. Name the last thing you uploaded.
2. Name the last thing you downloaded.
3. Share the last good advice someone told you.
4. What was the last drawing, map or picture you drew?
5. At home, do you wear shoes inside or leave them at the door?
6. Which is your preference: cook a meal at home or eat out/order for delivery?
7. Do you take pictures with a camera or a cellphone?
8. Name a good deed or favor you did for someone recently.
9. Name the last subject you researched online.
10. Have you ever shopped at a thrift, discount or second hand store? If yes, what did you buy?
11. What song do you love to listen to and never get tired of?

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April 13, 2014
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