you can wrap your finger round my thumb and hold me tight & you'll be alright.
i'm so happy to officially be on thanksgiving break! school has been really stressful lately. sdfjslf can i just mention how obsessed i am with Ed Sheeran? i LOVE his music, his voice is so pretty. unlike artists of today, he doesn't need auto tunning.
 well since my last set, a lot has happened. 

two weeks ago, november 9th, my friends and i got the chance to go to the Ellen show! which was kind of a big deal, since i LOVE that show. i watch it everyday after school. The guests that day were One Direction, which was a major plus because i'm in love with them if you haven't already noticed haha. The amount of people there was just insane. There were about 5000 people there. 

So we arrived at the parking lot around 10:30 (we were told to check in at a parking lot, and we would then be shuttled over to warner bro's studios) I had no idea there'd be so many people. i only expected 500 at the my friends and i got in line and checked in. we were #1938, which i thought was crazy because there was at least a good thousand behind us. 

to be honest, the event was really unorganized. especially the process of loading onto the buses. after we went through security, the lady told everyone to move toward the gate. of course, people pushed, shoved, and ran all at once. somehow my friends and i managed to get to the front, which helped us out a lot. each wristband was numbered which sorta helped. the first group to be loaded onto the buses was 1600 and below. we were told that one of the buses needed four more people which worked out perfectly because thats the number of people we had in our party. so we wound up skipping a good 200 people.

the ride to warner bros was kind of long. i expected the parking lot to be closer but it was ok because on the way there we were shown performances of previous guests on the show. it took us a good 20 minutes or so to finally reach the studios.

when we arrived i couldn't believe how close we were to the stage. we sat right behind the VIP entrance, so you can just imagine how close it was. sophia grace and rosie were the first to perform. they were so cute! of course they sang super bass.

then the band came on stage and everyone started freaking out. josh was on our side, so i waved and he smiled at me. i about died sdlfjlfj he's so cute and i couldn't believe he noticed me. i told my friends, and then we all started to wave and he waved back.

it was almost 3 o'clock, which was the time the boys were rumored to go on stage and preform. guess who sat in front of us!? sophia grace and rosie! they were adorable they waved back to us. 

the boys came on stage and sang One Thing, What Makes You Beautiful, Little Things, and Live While Were Young. during commercial breaks they played music and it was really nice to see the boys just by themselves interacting. whenever we see them they're usually performing so it was nice to see them not for once. i know that sounds weird...and probably makes no sense at all. but they danced and goofed around, which made them seem more human. us fans, usually don't get to see that part of them. 

after they preformed their songs, Ellen came on stage and interviewed them. i was really excited because the ticket said that this was only for a outdoor concert, so everyone was surprised. Ellen was so funny. three lucky girls were brought on stage and had to find one of the boys while wearing a blindfold. one girl was told to find Niall so Harry put Niall on his back, which was adorable. Narry moment ♥ haha. 

after that, Ellen asked each boy about their tattoos and that week, harry had recently got two swallows on his chest. she asked if she could see so he pulled down his shirt. the crowd started chanting, "take it off! take it off!" so he showed everyone. klfjlgfgld i thought i was going to faint. 

after the interview we were shuttled back to the parking lot and were given posters that said "I brought 1D to LA" with the boys on it. their appearance on the Ellen show was LA's prize for winning the Bring1DtoUS contest. 

so far, senior year has been the best. i've got the chance to see the boys three times, first at their concert, a second time at the VMAs, and a third on the Ellen show. 

I forgot to write about my VMA experience but i'll briefly talk about it. my friends and i got free tickets to the VMA preshow aka the red carpet. so we arrived early and were right next to the carpet. tons of celebrities walked by and we got to meet the wanted, saddie from awkward (my friends and i are obsessed with that show & how she always says "you're welcome") katy perry also walked by along with rita ora. i LOVE rita ora. the boys walked by but we didn't get a picture. wiz khalifa, fun, gotye, and the girls gymnastic's olympic team walked by as well. 

my favorite was when demi performed. when i noticed she was walking towards us i put out my hand hoping she'd grab on and she did! i started freaking out. i love her she's such an inspiration and i love her music. 

after the show my friends and i watched the show and noticed we were actually on tv. they showed us when demi performed. i'm the first girl demi reaches out to. once the show aired we got tons of texts saying "omg we just saw you on tv" err..hopefully none of our teachers were watching because we skipped school that day hahaha
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I love this set :) perfection !

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