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Wrote two years ago
This is so stylish, I love it!!

Wrote two years ago
Fab look!!

Wrote two years ago
This is such a cool style, my dearest, I love it, great set :))

Wrote two years ago
perfect set! the shoes are great!

Wrote two years ago
Hey guys so i have been wanting to do a contest for a while now and i really wanted to do one for my group but i don't have any members yet and to make the contest you have to have 30 members. First of all this is just a set but its no different then any contest i have not checked with polyvore to see if i can create this contest but i am going to do it anyway hope i am not breaking any rules to get me kicked off or anything but i will still continue.
One winner only ( i know sorry i promise for future reference i will have second and third place and the prizes are pricey) will get
- Coach Flats your choice
- 5 OPI nail polishes in your choice of colors
- 3 Chanel cosmetics your choice
- Your choice of any fragrance
- A 100$ gift card to your choice of store
- A Yankee candle again your choice
- A Coach bag of your choice
- A juicy couture bracelet your choice]
- A mustache mug
- Your choice of Jessica Simpson shoes
- A pair of ugg boots your choice
- tickets to a one direction concert or a brodway show
- Your choice of 10 cosmetics of any brand
- a Vera bradley bag in your choice
-juicy couture or victorias secret sweat suit
- A chance to have a set inspired by you
- A gift basket filled with CANDY!
- your choice of any extra prize under 100$
1. you have to be following me
2. you have to follow the person and like the set i post this on unless it is a message or other
3.You have like one of my sets
4. you have to be apart of my group the prettylittlefashionistas have to either comment on one of my sets or message me telling me what your favorite fall trend is or you can write a poem if your more creative then fashionable you can enter as much as you like but your answers have to be different. the contest will last 1 week i will pick the winner and announce the winner on September twenty second
you have to be at least 13 with a parents permission and you may not enter the same things over and over
If you win:
i will message you for sizes and address also choices and your set will be made
this is for everyone International future details will be mentioned. if polyvore takes this down all entry's will not be eligible but you will still get a set made for you :)

Wrote two years ago
fab! i adore your style xx

Wrote two years ago
very nice