I have no idea where the layout from this set came from, despite trying to find it by looking through as many profiles as possible. Andbutso if you think it's yours, just let me know and I'll credit you.

Blub blub @sophiaspastic might get an audition from me out of this since it seems to be a character.

☼ Albright, Tiffany Beatrice, 19
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Theme song: Go Hard || Kreayshawn
Scent: Dot by Marc Jacobs
Never without: A smile (whether sweet or lascivious or malicious), a splash of perfume, her cyanide ring, a plan, her black '69 Charger.
The tramp/specialization: (killing procedure, technique - not necessarily what they do it with): Charms them to death with a sweet and inviting grin. A drop of cyanide in their drink or mixed in with her lipstick and you're as good as dead.
Likes: Dresses, skirts, Europe, driving fast, older men, varsity jackets, limelight, rapping, Disney ears, hanging with the guys, big sunglasses, the Zodiac Killer, her signature (a lipstick X on the forehead), precious gems, money, silk, writing songs about the people she's...disposed of, swearing, Jack Daniel's.
Dislikes: Prudes, people who disapprove of swearing, pants, dark colors, immature girls, obnoxious people, sexism, relationships.
Bio: Tiff is sweet and cute, a typical Southern girl - or at least, that's what she appears to be. However, you'll be even more shocked to find that she's a fierce model underneath that shy, sweet exterior. When you see her in a designer gown, you suddenly realize that she's extremely intimidating. Until she smiles again, and then you remember that she's just a nice, friendly girl. Whose side job may be working as an assassin. But you probably don't know that.
Tiff grew up in a big family with three older sisters and two older brothers. She doesn't like to talk about her family life - most of her family is dead - but it seems that their death was quite tragic. However, it can't be traced - we've tried, trust us - because Tiffany Albright may not be her real name after all.
She can literally charm the pants off anyone, but count yourself lucky if you get that far - she has cyanide lipstick.
She's so sweet, and she makes you want to be friends with her. But once you do - be careful: she bites.
Model: Karlie Kloss
Taken by: @the-clary-project

a. Tell us about you. What’s your name, how old you are your background.
Tiff, 19. I had a big family until one day I didn't.
b. Why should we even consider you for a job? What could you bring to the agency that we haven’t seen before?
A fresh face, a basic knowledge of high school chemistry, and the world's best godd-mn car. Argue with me about that and I /will/ punch you. Like, not joking. I'm very protective of my car, okay?
c. How much experience do you have? Any unusual talents?
I'm a really good driver and I never stop smiling. I make friends easy. I don't have that much experience, but I'm young and I have nothing to lose.
d. What’s your greatest weakness and what’s your greatest strength?
My greatest weakness is probably my car. Or whiskey. Depends on when you're asking me. And my greatest strength is probably my coordination. I'm really physically active and stuff. I actually used to do martial arts. So if anyone needs to have, like, a cool choreography thing for the runway, they should come talk to me.
e. What are you passionate about?
Um, crime history of the Americas. I think it's...you know...interesting. Also, Disney. I love Disney. Please, don't tell me it's for five-year-olds. I think there's nothing better than Disneyland. It makes me smile...but then again, so does just about everything! I love fashion, too, but I don't think I'll be in fashion forever. I should probably start thinking of ways to get out.
f. Describe your work style.
Efficient, clean, and with way more f-cking flair than any of these other b-tches.

☼ Model-on-duty outfit: the three outfits on the left side
☼ Assassin-on-duty: the shirt and the black pants


"So how about we get outta here?" Tomas whispers in my ear.

"Hell to the yeah!" I say, but only because I know it's not sexual. Not in the least. Tomas is my best friend, and he's gay. So no, we are not a couple. Thank you very much, paparazzi. Seriously. As if I didn't have enough to deal with.

Tomas is kind of in the business of being the world's best roommate. He cooks for me sometimes - although his cooking is just as disastrous as mine, so it's usually Chinese takeout - and he sort of throws all my dirty clothing back onto my side of the apartment that we share, so that kind of counts as cleaning up after me, right?

We're both eternally single, so weekends are usually spent eating ice cream and watching crime shows on TV and laughing at how stupid the victims are. Because really - they never see it coming.

I don't tell him that my victims don't see it coming either, but then again, he doesn't know about that part of my job.

To him, I'm the leggy, happy-go-lucky, awkward budding model that he shares a small apartment with. But what he doesn't see is what happens when he's out canvassing the area for a job - and hot guys. It involves dressing up (or down, in many cases) and making out with random men. Not bad for a day's work, except that I'm poisoning them while I do it.

Sometimes, the job weighs heavily on me, you know? That's why I come home and drink. Yeah, so sue me: chocolate chip cookie dough and Jack Daniel's aren't exactly a match made in heaven, but I think I deserve it, okay? I have nothing real in this world except my car. D-mn. Don't get me started on that car. She's perfect.

Even Tomas doesn't count. It doesn't count as "having" someone when A) they're just a temporary arrangement and B) they don't know what your job actually is because C) you lie to them every day of your life.

I mean, he's fine company. But whatever. That's all. I'm not really down for any kind of substantive relationship with anyone.


@sophiaspastic @abcdefuck
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Wrote 4 years ago
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