Name: Nathan Benedict Wood
Nicknames: Nate
Blood Status: Half-blood
Parents Alumni: Oliver Wood (pure blood; Gryffindor), Mother Nancy is a muggle witch from America
Wand: Sycamore 14", Dragon heartstring core
Pet: Owl named Chase
Age: 17
Year: 7th
Birthday: February 24th
House: Gryffindor
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 178 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown 
Skin: Tanned
Distinguishing marks: Birthmark on his stomach
Personality: Nathan is as much his father's son and his mother's. He cites both parents as his role models. Although not as Quidditch-crazy as his dad famously was, Nathan has many of Oliver's positive attributes; he is driven and ambitious, but a team player and remains humble about his talents. Like his mother, he is loyal and trusting and very serious about schoolwork. He is filial and protective of his younger sister, Madeline. Nathan has a good sense of humour, but is sometimes broody and stubborn and tends to keep his problems to himself. 
Patronus: Greyhound
Boggart: Dementor

Playing Quidditch.
The outdoors.
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Puddlemere United

Rainy days.

History: As the only son of former Gryffindor Quidditch keeper and captain, former Puddlemere United captain, and current Hogwarts professor Oliver Wood, Nathan was on a broom before he could walk. His mother, Nancy, is an avid fan of the game but not so talented at playing it. His younger sister, Madeline, a 2nd year, hopes to make the Quidditch team this year. Nathan is closest to his father, although their relationship revolves around Quidditch more than anything else. When he has a problem, Nathan tends to keep to himself. He is good friends with his Gryffindor team mates, including James Potter, whom he met way back in first year. He is an excellent student, especially in DADA, and shows promise to be an auror.

"Hey girls." James said as he neared the cabin where Tamsin, Lisa, Victoire and Briony were standing.
"Hey." I greeted all of them.
"Hi James, Nathan." Victoire replied.
"Hi boys." Tamsin grinned at me. I grinned back. 
"She's so cute." I thought to myself.
Briony waved shyly.
"Hi." Lisa said, her cheeks turning pink.
James peered at her. "You alright, Lisa? You're almost as red as Tamsin's hair. I know I'm very good-looking but you don't have to blush in my presence."
"Ha. ha. Very funny." Lisa replied before looking up at me. I smiled at her.
"We'll see you girls later." I said and waved.
"Yeah we got to plan our Quidditch trainings. We're going to win the House Cup this year." James told the girls and stalked off. I gave Tamsin a nod, and she waved back.

"Lisa's gotten prettier." James remarked casually as we walked back to our cabin. 
"Mmm." I replied.
"Though I know you only have eyes for Tamsin." James smirked.
"Yeah, I think she's really pretty but honestly, I don't know her that well." I admitted.
"So? If you want her, go get her." James gave me a playful shove. "Now back to Quidditch, we start training the day after we arrive. I'll need your help kicking the rest of the team into shape."
"Yeah, no problem." I said, distracted by his earlier statement. Unlike James, I didn't want to simply fool around with a girl; I wanted to be with a girl I really liked. I wasn't sure if Tamsin was the right girl for me, but I planned on finding out.
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