You are so fragile and thin, standing trial for your sins, holding onto yourself the best you can.

Vienna Grace Laurex (17)

Style: Big sweaters, over-the-knee socks and beanies are the usual. Studded denim shorts, leather, platforms, spikes and messy hair. She cares about her appearance, but has an extremely casual, doesn’t-try-too-hard vibe.

Likes: Oversized sweaters, long hair, black coffee, loud music, cigarettes, literature, London, cocaine, beanies, nail lacquer, platform heels, fire, parties, leather, America, polaroid cameras, flannel, whiskey, oval wayfarers, kittens, booties, lingerie, politics
Dislikes: Eating, chastity, bad books, close talkers, being cold, racism, conforming, religion, neon, rap, caring too much, chavs

Bio: Vienna is troubled, to say the least. When you grow up in the spotlight, though, that tends to happen. Vienna grew up in a family that was well known all over England. They were socialites and couldn’t be left alone by the media. Being in the limelight so much, Vienna started getting crazy about her appearance and what people thought of her. But that’s the thing about caring - when you start doing it too much, it takes over. Vienna went shopping every day for new designer duds. She dyed her hair more times than healthy. She started dieting, trying to drop weight that didn’t need to be dropped. Finally, she stopped eating altogether, figuring that that was the most drastic change for her. 5 months later, she was in the hospital for malnutrition with two furious parents. Vienna’s trip to the hospital caused a huge media uproar, something her father couldn’t have happen with the job he held. She was all over tabloids already for her party lifestyle, but this act pushed it over the edge. After Vienna was released from the hospital, Benjamin and Sylvia packed up their family of three and jetted to Argentina as an attempt to start fresh. Upon landing, Vienna was stuck in rehab for 3 months without any contact from her parents. She was released and found her family acting like nothing had changed. Vienna turned spiteful. She has a cold and somewhat evil look in her eyes, settled into a calm face. It’s her front. Vienna does have a sweet side to her, but it’s rarely seen. Everyone starts rumors about her and her past - they just don't know what's the truth.

Family Secret: Mr. Laurex is a hit man – a glorified killer. He doesn’t tend to stay around often, having to travel long distances for his work. Benjamin Laurex brings home the big bucks for the family. It’s dangerous work and he disappears at some points for months on end. This leaves Sylvia lonely at home and, well, sometimes when a married woman’s husband isn’t around, she’ll explore other… things. Yes, Vienna knows all about her mother’s cheating when daddy dearest is nowhere to be found. Only problem is that Vi doesn’t care enough about her parents anymore to break the news to the mister.

Model: Grace Small
Taken by: @beautifuldestruction

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