Hey! Sorry for the sucky set, I'm too lazy =/
This song is the best! Anyways, here are my letters to today's inbox!
@xx-katelyn-xx Hello! You are so nice and creative and intelligent! I'm so glad I PMed you! I love talking to you!!! xx
@hyl4nd-xo Hey girl... You are always so funny and kind! Thank you for PMing me! Please remember that I'm always here for you, okay baby?
@ariana-anon-grande26 Hey! I'm so glad you PMed me on this account! You made my day! I LOVE talking to you, cutie! xx
@sel-marie-gomez Hey! You are so sweet and amazing and I look forward to getting to know you better, okay? <3
@harry-ed-and-cry-anons Hey... I'm sorry you're going through a rough time... Please remember that I'm always here for you and that you are beautiful and perfect! Okay? I'm always a button away, babe!
@itscarabby Hey girl! My clumsy twin ;D You made the sun shine for the entire universe... Not that everyone sees the sun, but you know what I mean! I love you girl, remember I'm here for you. Always.
@louistomlinson-anons-1 Pasta buddies! Oh yeah! XD You are so sweet and kind, and I love talking to you! We should talk about food some more! xx
@perrie-eleanor-anonsxo Heya! You are so sweet and I love RPing with you!!! <3
@onedirecti0n-an0nz Hey! You are so funny and kind and amazeballs! Ed Sheeran buddies for life!
@destinykaylynn Hey, you have been so sweet and nice and I love talking to you! I hope your homework isn't too hard, babe!
@your-demi-lovato-anon-xoxo SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! GURL POWAR!!!!!!!!!!!! <333
@emmawatson-anon21 Hey! My twinnie forever and ever! I love you so much! I hope everything's going well <3
@the-bieber-gomez-hudgens-anon Heya! I love talking to you, you amazing human being! You are so funny and nice! xx
@your-rihanna We didn't talk much today =[ I missed you! Talk to you tomorrow? <3
@kat-100 I hope alls well with you, beautiful! Talk to you tomorrow? xx
@staystrong-anon We haven't really talked in forever ={ Tomorrow??? I miss you, dear!
@jadethirlwall-xo Thank you for letting me rant to you!!! Lol, and Mario rules!! Talk to you tomorrow? I love you, dear! xx
@official-styles Hey bro... I hope you're having fun at the concert... I love you so much! <3
@official-olly-murs-anon Wherever you are and however you're feeling, I hope you are having fun and that you know I love and miss you! See you soon, boo! xx

Anyways, I'll be online for a few more minutes and then its sleepy time! Love you guys!!! (If you want a note next time, PM me!!! I promise to try my best and put a smile on your beautiful face!)
xx Chezza

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