`save rock and roll` - fall out boy

hey lovelies,

♡ a beige / blue set today, which is kinda mish-mash of layouts i've experimented in with the past, sincerest apologies for another fall out boy song titled set. i've found that listening to the album has been giving me motivation and creativeness to make a set, ahh ^.^

♡ a huge thank you to anyone who wished me happy birthday or made me a set or sent me messages or anything really, i'm super grateful.
for those who asked for a haul, i'll try to get one up by late next week

♡ today was a pretty good day. i had double geography and today we had to compose our own choropleth maps showing unemployment figures within a specified region, and then we went on to discuss the development of areas through filtering, gentrification, deindustrialisation, etc. after break i had volunteering, which consisted of kids nagging for flappy bird, tickling, nicknames and banter, brill. i then had no other lessons so we hung out in the common room, woop.
i also had another lot of birthday presents today from my friend, yayy.

♡ i've got a party thing tonight then sleepover tomorrow so probs no sets, or draft ones failing otherwise ^.^

have a great weekend ♡
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