so this set is horrid and i apologise.

collab with the lovely @sarahstardom
staz hale;;

"Nice to know you are sticking to the theme." Tabitha said looking down at my outfit smirking slightly as we walked into party. 

 I sighed "Well i am a rebel you know." I said laughing slightly. Tabitha rolled her eyes "Oh yeah i can see that." she said sarcastically. 

 "Oh shut up!" I said nudging her shoulder lightly.

"So, do you plan on getting wasted in the most classiest way possible?" she questioned with a smirk. I scrunched my face up a little, the fancy wine that tabby liked was disgusting. "You really need to drink the stronger drinks, Tabby" I paused, "live a little wilder."

 "You've already seen what many glasses of champagne do to me" She reminded me, I laughed remembering that one time Tabby had too much "yes, and it's so sad."

 "I think it's your turn to shut up now"She joked. "Oh, whatever" I laughed glanced around the room. It looked amazing and most people were in costume so we both stuck out.

 "One day I'll introduce you to my friend vodka and you can have a blast" I grinned.

 "My idea of a blast doesn't involve puking my guts up" She chuckled. "What a classy image" I joked laughing slightly.

"Well it would certainly be memorable." I said continuing on with joke. 

 "Yeah for all the wrong reasons." she said with a shrug "But that isn't going to happen." 

 "So what do we do now?" I asked.

"I don't quite know" She confessed. 

 "I always feel kind of lost at fancy parties like this" I told her. "Me too" She nodded slowly as we approached the other girls. 

 "Where is your costume Staz." Aveline asked sounding slightly annoyed but almost used to this behaviour. 

"Well my brother theatre group had some period piece they were doing and i offered it to them."

 "Your brother studies communication." Annabelle said smirking a little. I shrugged "Not my concern. Shouldn't we be eating cake or something?"

"Cake will be served shortly" Aveline replied, now eyeing Tabitha's outfit. "I see you put more effort in then Staz" she commented. I pulled a face , there was effort put into my outfit. 

 "I didn't have anything from the era, sorry"She apologised, smiling gently. "You could have bought something, I gave you enough notice" Aveline replied quickly. 

 "I didn't want to use money for a dress I'd wear on one occassion"She shrugged , looking over at me . "That's you, always wearing things more than once" Aveline smiled, before sauntering off toward the kitchen. 

 "I think you look good" Annabelle told her. "Thanks" She smiled, "you girls make me look under-dressed though" 

 "How do you think I feel?" Staz chuckled, shrugging.

"Oh shut up." Tabby said "You love all the attention. Especially of the male kind." she said tilting her head in the direction of a few St Jude boys. I rolled my eyes i most certainly didn't love attention but it seemed it followed me. 

"I didn't do this for attention." I added.

"Right" She nodded smirking slightly. 

 "There's no need to pick on me when you're living a boring life"I joked. "I am going to see what there is to drink." I commented. The other girls nodded already in there own conversations. Nice to know i'd be missed.

Walking back towards the girls after getting a glass of champange , which was the only option really. 

"Well don't you look out of place." I heard an all too familiar voice say. I turned to see Dylan smirking at me, I normally would have rolled my eyes and said some sarcastic comment about what std he is carrying this week but seeing him in a wig was enough to stop those comments from rolling of my tongue instead all i could do was giggle.

"Nice wig." I said between laughs. He rolled his eyes at me "Nice costume." he said "I don't think your friend would be to happy about this." He said looking me over , his eyes on probably longer than they should be.

I shrugged "Yeah well , Aveline know's me well enough and plus i am not a big fan of French history." 

"But they made so many wonderful things like croissants and french kissing."

"They also made the guillotine which i would be happy to try out with you." I said smiling. "Now if you don't mind i have friends to get back to." I said moving past him.

"So that took you a while" Tabitha said , I shrugged next to her "I got sidetracked."
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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
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