You Asked: How to Wear Bleached Denim Shorts

Get ready for warm weather with cutoffs. The newest, perfectly vintage-looking version is bleached. Wondering what to wear with these? The Polyvore community has the answer! Check out these great outfits with bleached denim shorts!


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Try as I might, I could not bring myself to buy a pair of used bleached out jeans from the Salvation Army. It's the yuck factor. I think this look is really cool, reminds me of hippie girls (and I was one) who hitched hiked (I did that; stupid, I know) who rode around in vans and did naughty things ( guilty).
So I bought new, reincarnated ones in the last few months. One that is slim and hugs the thighs. It is relatively long, and I folded it up. It has stretch, which was not a technology that was applied in those days, but comes in real handy now, if you want to pick up cactus, like I was doing. The other pair has big porkchop pockets for stuffing pretty rocks I find on the trail and are roomy so my legs look skinny in comparison.
I don't think anyone is fooled that these faded denim shorts have seen a lot of van rides and mineral gathering, but you can start some new memories with them, like I plan on doing.

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