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sporty x minimalist style for call me baby. matches exo's styling during the exodus era perfectly - bomber jackets, sneakers, sport jerseys, etc. loved it. 

for #botexo round four ; 


[x] picture of your boy +10 
[x] an era that you think fits him +10 
[x] a lyric that goes with your chosen era +5 [BONUS] 
[x] an outfit that matches the era +10 [BONUS] 

[x] why you chose this era +10 
[x] a non-kpop song that matches the era +10 
[x] why you chose those lyrics +5 [BONUS] 
[x] your favorite exo song +5 [BONUS] 
[x] tag your teammates +5 [BONUS] 

to be vv honest if i could choose 2k15 as an era i would. 2k15 was the year of zhang yixing. he stood out in call me baby, in his solo activities and in love me right. i chose call me baby though bc it's the start of the domination yixing had over 2k15. firstly, he looked so damn good in the music video. secondly, sm let his vocals get some shine in this era by giving him a good amount of lines. lastly, that falsetto 'baby girl' in call me baby chinese version he does still makes my heart flutter after all this time. so many people swerved into his lane after this era and it's impossible to deny that yixing didn't have one of his best peaks in this era. [and then he peaked again in love me right. and again this year.]

heart attack by flight facilities feat. owl eyes describes call me baby perfectly. cue the eye rolls and the disapproving mutters of 'ugh fangirls.' but honestly, yixing was impossibly breathtaking to watch during the era, it actually felt like he was coming after me and my heartbeat. which is also why i chose the lyrics 'my heart grows bigger for me' bc yixing managed to snatch me even more during this era, something i thought was impossible ??? but it happened anyway ???

my favorite song by exo is moonlight but lotto is starting to fight for that position it's actually ridiculous. 

#botexo || @dontgo-forever 

team yixing [pls talk to me about lotto] ; 
julia || @julia-ngo 
jae || @mintaeyeolse
aurel || @chowaddict123 
caroline || @ztrr 

have a wonderful day as well everyone ~ c:

#summer2016 not really though #personalstyle
kinda #sportystyle #minimalist #bomberjackets
#yixing #exo @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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