Title is from "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire. One of the best songs everrrr.

I was in a set making mood, haven't been for a few days. Anyway. Know what's funny? I was walking around downtown with one of my best friends and she told me that she thought of me as "indie". I was a little taken aback. As all of you are aware, I don't think I'm labeled as anything. I have no idea what I am. "At least I'm not hipster," I said. No offense to my hipster contacts, I'm not a hater, really. I just... don't understand it at all. She asked me what the difference between "indie" and "hipster" is, since she's a little hazy on the matter. "Well," I told her, "Hipster is definite, whereas indie can be whatever you want." She told me that, in that case, I was definitely what she would call "indie" based on what I wear, how I act, my music, etc. I don't consider myself this, mostly because as soon as you stereotypically define yourself you are automatically a poser, whether you are a poser or not. So I try to stay out of that mess. It's just interesting to see what other people call you when you have no labels for yourself. I'm not indie, at least I don't think so. You can't really call yourself indie. Indie is short for independent. If you're independent, then how are you subscribing to a stereotype based upon independence? Oh, paradoxes. I'm babbling.
What I'm not: prep, scene, goth, hipster, emo, jock, "popular". And this is all I know.
...dang, did you really read all of that? Comment if you did. Or don't, y'know, it's alright.
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