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Yesterday there was a huge snowstorm and about 20 centimetres of snow fell. It looks so pretty, but since it's snow the temperature has dropped by a lot and it jams traffic. I'll try to get some photography out of the snow tomorrow. 

Today in social studies, my teacher was talking about the election. Everyone was all "I'm happy Obama won" and none of them know a thing about politics or the election. I'm not saying that I know everything about it, but at least I understand the basics. This annoying know-it-all girl who I used to be best friends with last year but we are now just friends (I pretend I like her, but I don't, just don't want to start something) said something so ignorant. She's one of those typical teens who were rooting for Obama because everyone else was. So anyways, my teacher is talking about the Democrats and the Republicans and about that comment about abortions and this legitimate something that I can't say because it made the Polybot cry (lol). Then she asks what a Republican is. Uh, sorry, but why are you pretending you know everything about politics and the election and you're picking a political view if you don't actually have any background information on it? 

I probably just sounded extremely mean by saying that about her. Sorry, just ranting and I'm really pissed off today... 

- Jenny Caterina
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@dylanisawallflower Thank you

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amazing set



Celebs, TV shows, Movies, Fashion

Celebs, TV shows, Movies, Fashion

So mostly this is an ANYTHING group!!!!! I have 4 other groups and they are for TV shows and Taylor Swift (Links bellow if you wanna join!) I want a group where i can have a bunch of different contest and not have to worry about sticking to the theme. SO PLZ JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!!!
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Fashion: My 2nd Soul

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Fashion: My 2nd Soul

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Classy Princesses ♔

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*Mostly* Everyday Outfits - Have Fun! (Contests)

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