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1} Who is your favourite celebrity? You should show us a picture of them in all their glory in a set:
Well, there you go. Although, I don't think they're celebrities really, (as it seems like such a meaningless term anymore) but really awesome people. 

2} What is your favorite fandom?
Gosh, um, Doctor Who I suppose... although I honestly just adore what Sherlockians do while we wait. Like this game: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/KetchupSplodge/2881457
So. Freaking. Addicting.

3} Do you have a favourite color or many? You should add a lot of your favourite colours in the set, because you know, they're your favourite colour (s): As you can probably tell, orange is my favorite color. Because it's orange. 
Don't judge me.

4} Do you enjoy food and if so (don't lie to me, everyone loves food and if they don't they're either lying, or they really don't like food) you should show us that food.
Well, seeing as how all the pictures of cheeseburgers weren't really conducive to the theme of my set, I couldn't in good consciousness place one there. But, yah, cheeseburgers are good.

5} Music. Who is your favourite singer/band and what is a good music line you think of? 
Oh, here we go... There are so many! Anberlin, Eisley, fun., Mumford & Sons, Showbread, The Avett Brothers. To name the big ones. Good music line: le set title.

6} Do you have a fictional character you keep close to your heart? 
The Doctor, Faramir from LotR, Lord Peter Wimsey, Amy & Rory Pond, plus so many others I cannot put them all here.

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