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Ji Hye’s POV:

“Come out, come out!” Key said through the phone.
“Where are you?” I got up from my chair.
“Outside the store. Look for the taxi.”
I peek out the shop window and sure enough see the taxi cab right outside. Before I could open the door to leave Key interrupted me.
“Wig! Don’t forget to wear the wig first!”
“Aish.. Kim Kibum. You and your strange ideas...” I said while digging through my bag.
“Don’t talk while in the cab either. We have to pretend to be a normal couple, okay?”
“Ne, ne, ne..” I said while brushing off the messy wig from the bottom of my bag.
I quickly put it on and hurried out the store to the taxi.

“Where to?” The taxi driver asked.
“Han River.” Key said in a strange voice that made me chuckle to myself.
Key immediately looked over at me to give me a glare but instead laughed too.
Suddenly he sent me a text that read:
“You look like a drunk Lady Gaga.”

That punk...

I immediately shot him a glare as I frantically patted my wig down.
Throughout the rest of the taxi ride we kept our eyes focused on the windows to avoid from laughing at each other. The closer we came to our destination the more nervous I felt. Finally I have a chance to spend time with Key! My Kim Kibum!

“Thank you ajusshi.” Key said after paying the cab driver. We quickly got out of the car and ran to.. to...

“Where are we going?” I yelled as we were running.
“There!” He pointed to the parking lot of cars. And that boat!
We slowed down as we neared got closer to the boat. I saw many other blonde girls walking around with their dates.
“What is this? You brought me to a cult?”
“Hold on a second.” Key stopped me from walking any further. “I really can’t go in there with drunk Lady Gaga.”

I stood still as Key properly fixed my wig like a proud umma. I had nothing to do but to stare at his face. He looked really cute when he was concentrating on my hair. Should I tell him that? No that would be weird.. would it?
“Ahh. Yeppuda.~” He smiled and kissed my nose.
I quickly buried my hands in my face to hide my red cheeks.
“Come on! Let’s hurry on the boat!” He grabbed my hand.

The boat was nice. I never expected to see some of these idols here. Who knew they were all secretly dating as well? And the girls, I could relate to their problems so well. We chatted amongst ourselves and tried to enjoy our free night as long as possible. Afterwards Key and I headed outside on the deck to enjoy the refreshing air.

“I don’t want to go home.” I pouted.
“Me neither.” Key pouted with me.

“But I can still spend time with you later right?” I asked.
“As long as you keep that wig with you.”
“Oh...” I look down at my feet. “I better look for it then, huh...”
“You lost it??” Key’s eyes widened.
“Noo.. I just misplaced it!”
“I’ll start looking by the chairs inside..” Key said before he left.
“Aigoo... it’s gotta be somewhere...” I started searching in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes of searching we both met up at the same place on the deck. Both of us had a blonde wig in our hands.

“Isn’t this yours?” Key held up his blonde wig.
“I thought it was this one?” I held up mine.
“Well, we can’t take both of them!”
“Omo. What if a girl is looking for her wig right now??”
We both had panicked looks on our faces.

“I’ll put mine back!” We both said at the same time.
“Okay, you put yours back!” We spoke at the same time again.
“Ya. We’re getting nowhere.” Key laughed. “Just put yours back!”
“Okay, okay.” I hurried to return the wig back in the bathroom where I found it.

At the end of the trip we were both thankful to catch a ride home from a sweet couple. I did not want to ride a taxi again! However, I really enjoyed this trip. I’m happy I got to spend time with Key without worrying about fans, his manager, or anyone else interfering. If only there were more nights like this.
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