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Grace Milton; September 13

“Does anyone have any shoes I can borrow?” I called out into the house at large, sticking my head out of my bedroom door.

“You have like 20 pairs of shoes.” Shay’s voice floated back instantly, “Use one of those.”

“None of them are right.” I moaned, pushing the door open fully and leaning against the door frame.

“You could wear two odd shoes.” Aria suggested head popping out of her own bedroom door.

“Shut up or I’ll throw a shoe at your head.” I threatened. Absent mindedly I wondered when I’d become such a violent person. Well threatening with violence type person. I blamed the girls completely.

“I have a pair that might match.” Bailey offered, climbing the stairs.

“Thank you,” I smiled at her gratefully before sticking my tongue out at Aria as Bailey went to her room to get the offered shoes.

I returned to my room, humming to myself and Aria followed me, “You’re awfully dressed up for a Thursday morning.” She said, trying to be subtle and failing miserably. 

“Yea, do you have a hot date?” That was Shay, joining the conversation.

“No, I’m going for lunch with Joe.” I rolled my eyes at their crazy boy obsession.

“Didn’t you go out for dinner with him last night?” Now Scotland was hovering in the doorway. Great let’s just invite everyone into Grace’s room now.

“Yea. What of it?” I asked with a shrug, before giving in and totally confessing, “Well actually we had plans to go out to dinner but then we got distracted by laughing at terrible Charlie’s Angel reruns on tv so we ordered take-out.” I shrugged with a sheepish smile.

“Only you Grace.” Aria shook her head with a laugh.

“Hey me and Joe thank you very much.” I laughed good-naturedly along with them.

“Wow it’s grand central station in here.” Bailey pushed her way into the room, shoes in hand, “I thought there might go.” She said, holding them out to me.

“They go wonderfully, thanks.” I took them from her, of course taking the time to give her a quick hug, “Now everyone shoe.” I made flicky motions at them with my hands, “I have more important things to do and more important people to see.”


“I don’t see why we actually had to go out for a meal.” I grumbled to Joe good naturedly as we sat down at some fancy restaurant. Well fancy compared to the type of places around campus, which I suppose wasn’t really actually saying anything.

“It’s a tradition.” He laughed at my uncomfortableness, which wasn’t very nice of him might I add.

“We’ve done it like 5 times,” I pointed out, smoothing down the skirt of my dress compulsively, “You’ve come to visit me like 50. It’s not a tradition.”

“I think 50 is a bit of an over exaggeration Gracie.” He was teasing me. See if I ever came out with him again. Oh who was I kidding, I would always jump at any opportunity to spend time with him.

“You know what I meant.” I waved my hand dismissively at him, “But,” I added with a sly grin, “Now that I’ve got you somewhere you can’t leave you can tell me about that thing you were avoiding last night.”

“What thing?” He said it so casually I’d believe him. Except he was my brother and I knew him and I totally just didn’t.

“Oh that, little, tiny insignificant thing that’s your boyfriend,” I said, voicing raising by the end. I shot a sheepish apologetic smile at the scandalized looking couple next to us before returning my attention to Joe.

“How was I avoiding Gabriel?” He asked, totally fake clueless expression painted across his face, “I’m here, he’s in Boston, I’m visiting my sister.”

“You brought him with you last time.” I pointed out eyebrow cocked.

“I bought him with my last time so I’m not this time,” He pointed out with a ‘like duh’ kind of look. Which may have been a point I did want some quality time with just Joe, “What’s your point.”

“Fine, fine.” I raised my hand in surrender, “You’re not avoiding talking about him.” There was a sort of staring competition – that I so totally let him win might I make it known – before I looked away. I didn’t let it stop me however, “So how is Gabriel then?” I asked, fixing my eyes firmly on the napkin I was playing with between my fingers.

“He’s fine.” Joe shrugged, I opened my mouth but he could clearly tell what was coming so he cut me off and continued speaking, “That’s not deflecting, he actually is fine. What else do you want me to tell you?”

“I dunno,” I shrugged looking up and meeting his eyes with a smile, “What you guys get up to or something?”

“Really?” He asked with a wag of his eyebrows. And so totally ew that was a mental picture I did not need in any way shape or form.

“No that’s gross.” I would have leant over the table and hit him but I was scared I would knock something over so instead I just glared at him. And reminded myself I needed to hit him later.

“What did you mean then?” He asked kindly, after he’d stopped laughing his ass off that was.

“I just, I don’t have anyone.” I shrugged, looking away before meeting his eye again, “And I’m not saying I want someone because there are plenty of cute guys on campus. I just, it’s nice hearing about the good, sweet coupley parts.” I shrugged again before blushing, “It’s silly isn’t it?” I asked

“No of course not.” He reached his hand over the table to squeeze mine with a smile, “Well ok a little silly because you’ll find someone 10x more amazing than me and Gabriel put together.”

“Aren’t you meant to think Gabriel is the most amazing guy, or person even, on the planet?” I asked curiously, eyebrow cocked. Did that mean trouble or something for them? Or was I just looking for it.

“I know Gabriel’s not the most amazing guy in the world,” that gave me a sense of dread for some reason though it was gone in his next words, “because I know I’m the most amazing guy in the world.”

More Grace. I know I should stop but I just love her. Also does anyone [or everyone really] want to collab/organise for their character to do something with Grace? I'm just really looking forward to writing with everyone and won't take no for an answer! @sarahstardom @kkerry and @martasmiling
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