November 6, 2012

Song of the day: All Too Well - Taylor Swift 

1) I absolutely love the lyrics of this song. So sad and cute. 
2) HAPPY ELECTION DAY! I find it so weird and exciting that in the next few hours, we'll know who's going to be our next president! That's so major. 
3) And normally we have Election Day off, but they made us come to school today because we already missed a week with Sandy! LAME.
4) And I still don't have power. And if you check the Con Ed website, they say there's no reported power outages on my street. Like what the? I think they forgot about us. Well actually, they fixed the two ends of my street, but not the middle part (where I am). I mean, if you're gonna start fixing a street, you might as well fix all of it. Am I right?
5) Okay, now brace yourselves because I'm about to say something, and I'm sure I'm going to regret it, but I just-- if I'm being honest, I have to say it. I was kind of, maybe, sort of disappointed in 1D's new album. Now, to be fair, I only listened to it once and didn't even read the lyrics or anything, so I'm not gonna give my official judgement on it yet, but yeah. I hate to say that. I'm sure once I start listening to it over and over, it'll grow on me. And there were definitely some songs that sounded good--don't get me wrong. And it's not like the songs sounded terrible or anything, but I was so impressed--like SO impressed--by the two singles they released first, that I guess I just had really high expectations and was a little let down when the rest of the album wasn't up to par with LWWY or Little Things? And on a side note, I don't even know the song titles and didn't read about them or anything, but just from listening to it, I knew which song was Ed's. Lol. It's so obvious. His style is just so distinct and perfect. Well, actually, I never confirmed that it was his song so now I'm just assuming, but I'm like 99% sure, okay?
6) Argh. And now I really need to do a ton of work. Merh. Wish me luck! Talk to y'all soon =)
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