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So Amazon doesn't have Red yet.... #lame

OMG RED IS AMAZING I CAN'T LIKE IT'S PERFECT AND I JUST LOVE IT AND I HAVE BEEN HAVING AN EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE WITH HER LYRICS AND AH BEEN ON REPEAT SINCE YESTERDAY WHEN I GOT THE SPECIAL DELUXE FROM TARGET BETWEEN CLASSES GAHHH omg okay so yeah I'm in love with Taylor Swift's new album... What do my fellow Swifties think? What's your favorite song(s)? Comment below!!! @diegolohve @deercat @istylista @the-wild-things @alycat @the-clary-project @sky-rocketer and anyone else!!

Also all the album pictures inside... SHE'S SO GORGEOUS NOT FAIR. And I just.... omg. #Swiftie4Life

Now because I'm a dork and I don't want to do my homework (ugh) I'm gonna do a mini review for each song :)

1. State of Grace: An amazing start of the album!! I love the sort-of soft rock aspect to it. Some people are comparing it to U2. #awesome
2. Red: Her color analogy is just perfect. And I just love it.
3. Treacherous: Not my favorite, but a solid track. I do like the end a lot when she goes "I will follow you, follow you, follow you home". A sweet song.
4. I Knew You Were Trouble: ONE OF MY FAVES. It's so pop and dubstep and just AMAZING. Never would've expected it and that's why it's brilliant. Loveeee <3
5. All Too Well: OKAY PROBABLY MY FAVORITE OFF THE ALBUM. Omg. Omg. Sooooo many emotions. Why does she do this to us?! It's like such a cute song and then it gets sad and gah I haven't even had a boyfriend but this like makes me cry! Omg. And it's about Jake Gyllenhaal (secret message in the song is "Maple Lattes" and that's what she and him were getting when the first picture of them surfaced). AND LIKE I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH her lyrics are just the best she's an amazingggg lyricist and artist.
6. 22: Such a fun song <3 Very cute and perfect for singing with your friends in the car :)
7. I Almost Do: Again, gives me many emotions. Really good though. 
8. We Are Never Getting Back Together: I've already talked about this one when it first came out. I do love it, but after hearing the whole album it's not my favorite or anything. Still like it! And this one is apparently Jake too... who knows... Maybe it's about Will from Parachute... haha
9. Stay Stay Stay: Reminds me a lot of Ours from Speak Now deluxe edition! Cute song :)
10. The Last Time feat. Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol: I LOVE SNOW PATROL I LOVE THIS DUET END OF STORY.
11. Holy Ground: Nice song, not the best song she's ever done in my opinion, but it's certainly not bad.
12. Sad Beautiful Tragic: more emotionsssss gahhhh loveeee it.
13. The Lucky One: LOVE and it may or may not be about Shania Twain... But anyway I like it! And omg T. Swift says H-e-double hockey sticks.... ohhhh.... haha. (also notice how this song is her lucky #13 :))
14. Everything Has Changed feat. Ed Sheeran: UM OF COURSE THIS SONG IS PERFECT LIKE SUCH A GREAT COLLAB OMG. This song is about Conor Kennedy :) (the secret message is Hyannis Port)
15. Starlight: Fun song, nothing too different. About Conor Kennedy's grandma, Ethel (that's the secret message, For Ethel).
16. Begin Again: Another one of my favorites!! SO SO SO GOOD. I just adore it so much! A very solid and incredible track <3
17. The Moment I Knew: Aw more emotions, a guy doesn't show up at her birthday party :( SHE JUST KNOWS HOW TO CONNECT WITH ALL HER FANS like seriously the lyrics/stories... #great
18. Come Back... Be Here: YES LOVE IT.
19. Girl At Home: I like this song, the repetitive part is catchy. And the end is really good. 
20-22. Original Demos and Acoustics of Treacherous, Red, and State of Grace: AWESOME.

So overall I was extremely excited and amazed by RED! I defintely suggest listening to it even if you aren't a Taylor Swift fan because it's not her normal stuff, not all of it, and she's just got great great great lyrics... #LOVINGTHISALBUMWASRED haha <3

Anyway, I will stop fangirling now. Maybe. I'll probably use songs from the album in several of my next sets haha. 


xx Taylor (not Swift... obvs... whoa what if I was really T. Swift in secret and totally just gloated on myself... hahaha... she wouldn't do that she's too sweet... anyway....)
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