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-Name: Ella (Feel free to call me whatever you want, though!) 

-Age: 15 

-Location: Northern California 

-Likes: fashion. december. balenciaga. writing. turquoise. cheesecake. lithuanian models. music. pistachio ice cream. italy. books. australia. rain. london. winter. candy. laughing. coffee. lyrics. giraffes. long hair. boots. pineapple soda. speaking in different languages. snow. the night sky. dancing. cats. chewing on ice. drawing. harry styles. sleeping. coffee. purple. balmain. jewelry. sweaters. canada. quotes. singing. magazines. jeffrey campbell. hydrangeas. lace. tea. mustaches. camping. green. humming. pretending to play the piano. devil wears prada. triangles. lie to me. crafts. new york. learning. chocolate. miu miu. pastels. mean girls. doughnuts. love. theatres. lemon-flavored things. traveling. clouds. (500) days of summer. frozen yogurt. men's cologne. the beach. watermelon. blazers. france. diamonds. celine bags. peppermint. 

-Dislikes: I absolutely hate papaya, wheatgrass shots and meat products. I don't like when all of the attention is on me. I hate being in situations where I feel intimidated. I hate feeling under-appreciated. I do /not/ like mathematics. I don't like when people are really judgmental [especially old people]. Of course there are other things...but I can't remember them all. 

-Favorite thing about yourself: I like the fact that I'm friendly and nice. Also, that I never, ever hold grudges and I try to see the good qualities in people. I don't judge people, I try to accept them as they are. I'm open-minded and I'm creative. I rarely get bored because I can always think of some way to pass the time. I'm also enthusiastic and I think I'm a good advice-giver. All of my friends come to me for advice. I love learning. 

-A fond memory [can be as recent as yesterday]: That time I went to Dubai with my friends and we have so many stories and inside jokes. I always start laughing out loud at random times, remembering funny moments from this trip. 

-Reason why you want to be included in the group: This group looks fun! I think it's a great idea and I'd love to get to know more people. I love Polyvore. I've been here for almost 4 years. I'll be really active and contribute ideas, etc. I would love to be apart of this group! 

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