"Développé écarté. Change to effacé. Plie. Tendu. Lift leg to first arabesque," my instructor called to the girls, while she walked around making comments, fixing posture.
"Shoulders down, and bring it to a close. Well done ladies, we'll pick this up again tomorrow. Before you go however, spring dances are coming up. You will be assigned roles based on your capabilities and effort. Also tomorrow Nickolai Davidov will be dropping by-
She was cut off by the instant chatter that filled the room. She clapped her hands twice, "He will be helping with rehearsals and the spring production. That is all."
We all thanked her, as per usual and left the room.
I walked out lost in thought. Nickolai Davidov. To someone not of the ballet world, it was just a name. But the man was a legend, a God. He partnered only two bellerinas in his career, both went on to become prima. Dancing with him meant, success. glory.
I snapped out of it. He would never partner a mediocre danseur, just like he would never partner with a soloist such as myself.
"Excellent technique today Becca."
I smiled, "Thank you."
The way rankings working in Ballet were very simple, very defined in your placement. The lowest ranking in a Company is called an Artist which are first year dancers in Corps de Ballet, then you have the Senior Artists who also make up the other half of the Corps.
You then have demi-soloist which is the basically getting your foot in the door. Dancers my age usually never accomplish this position until later. Soloists are like supporting actors in the dance world, they get roles like the fairies in sleeping beauty.
Finally you have principal which is normally the highest rank you can hold in a Company.
Then there are the exceptions which is called the Prima Ballerina Assoluta or for the male title Etoile which is French for star.
There have only been thirteen Assoluta in the four centuries since Ballet's inception.
And the man who had basically crowned two of them was coming here.
I sighed, technically I wasn't a soloist as I attended Juilliard which is like alternative college. The instructors like to assign ranks to better teach us about the "real world".
Rolling my eyes, I lived in the cut-throat world of Manhattans elite. What could they teach me that I hadn't already been taught?
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i love orange and turquoise, this is beautiful...!

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awesome set !

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