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Holly Alexander; November 9
Collab with @kkerry

To say I loved ice-skating would be the understatement of the century. I adored it, loved it got down to Cockburn as often as I could to do it (which wasn’t actually that often since the house was so far away) my skates were always kept in perfect condition and I was still pretty fast and proficient at the jumps and spins. Basically I’d been looking forward to our group outing to the ice arena for as long as it had been planned and couldn’t stop smiling.

Of course not everyone was as enthusiastic as I was. From the scowl on Evie’s face she was the least excited of the lot of us, to put it lightly. "What's wrong with you?" I asked, dropping into the seat next to her, shiny white and meticulously taken care of skates swinging from my fingers.

"I hate ice skating." She muttered as I kicked off my shoes. Which was just not possible. No one could hate ice skating. It was brilliant. So of course I rolled my eyes at her. It was my trademark I didn’t want to disappoint.

"The only people who say they hate ice skating are the ones who can't ice skate." I told her matter of factly as I slipped my left skate over my thin tights. At least from my wealth of experience that was true, which obviously meant she couldn’t skate.

"Did you get that off a fortune cookie?" She asked dryly, which was an awful comeback let’s be honest, especially coming from Evie. "And i can't ice skate for your information." She added, which can I say I totally called. Called it like whoa. “I make a fool of myself.” Which I could imagine as I swiftly finished lacing up my skates because hello I was ninja. But really once you got the hang of it, t’was a piece of cake. I’d taught plenty of my friends in my time.

"Well , maybe if someone helped me out with their hot brother i could give them some pointers." I grinned teasingly. I mean I’d help her regardless of course but I could at least TRY to get something out of it.

“What do you even know about Ice skating?” She narrowed her eyes at me like it was a trick or something.

“Hey I did lessons for like 5 years.” I shrugged not at all offended because well I was just chill like that, 

“Oh yea?” Evie looked curious but also disbelieving. It was a weird expression let me tell you.

“Yeah, see look, my own skates” I wiggled my own feet, blatantly showing off my shiny white skates in comparison to the ugly blue hire skates.

“Ok fine maybe you know something.” She said grudgingly as she tugged at her laces, tying them up way to tight,

“Hey, hey” I swatted her hands away from her skates, taking the laces into my own hands and doing them up quickly, “If you cut off your circulation tying them that tight of course you’re going to fall over.” I rolled my eyes, “duh.”

“Oh.” She said sitting back and I quickly (because I had a shit load of practice and I was amazing) did up her skates.

“Yea. Step one.” I laughed cheekily standing up, “So,” I offered her a hand up because those skates were harder to walk in then skate it, “Do we have a mutually beneficial agreement here?”

"Yes." she sighed, but before I had a chance to cheer at a job well done she rained on my parade "But i have some rules." Way to be a partie pooper Evie! At least I took a tiny little bit of pleasure in her unsteadiness on her feet.

"Rules?" I questioned as we slowly made our way towards the ice "You know i don't like rules." I pouted. Everyone knew. I did not hide the fact or make it a secret or anything.

 "I think all of Perth knows you don't like rules." she said dryly, which was the truth but still mean "It's just a few simple ones don’t be such a baby." Except older siblings were super protective of younger ones and I was kind of dreading the hoops she’d make me jump though. Probably wouldn’t be worth it in the end.

"Well, what are they?" I huffed as we glided out onto the ice. I let go of Evie’s hand but hovered by her side so I could steadied her (Or push her towards the barrier) if she started to slip.

"You can't break his heart, if you just want to sleep with him then fine, but let it be known from the start,” Oh well duh that’s what I did anything “and i don't want to hear all the sex details between you two." She said and then stopped. Was that it? Not sharing any ‘sex details’ with her would ruin some of the fun but it wasn’t a deal breaker and implications and innuendos were still game.

"That's it?" I cocked an eyebrow when she really did seem to be done. They weren’t even really rules though not that I was complaining.

"Yes." She said, concentrating on skating "Do you want me to add more?" She added.

"No no." I said hastily because really I didn’t "I can live with those rules." I could more than live with those rules actually.

"Good." She smiled, before uttering the words that made her my favourite person in the world, "Then next time he plays soccer with his mates we'll play too." She was actually going to help me. And to most people’s surprise I loved sport so you know two for one deal. And I’d totally impress Benny because I was good. At least my high school team’s coach told me do.

"Does that mean i'll see him shirtless?" I asked with a grin because well it was a very real possibility for me. She didn’t reply just rolled her eyes and skated slowly away from me. I let her go for a little while before racing after her. Couldn’t have her falling over, that’d be mean.

And if I got to torment and tease her a bit in the process I wasn’t going to complain.
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