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Sometimes pain is the reason we stop but we can also make it our reason to go forward.

Definitely It's not just me who has had a bad past or a bunch of memories they just want to forget and bury deep down the earth's crust.

Everyday people are scarred with bad experiences they will bring with them for the rest of their lives and sometimes because of those negative things that happen to us we feel UGLY, UNDESERVING and UNLOVED. We may lose our direction and feel purposeless. I know because once again, I am speaking based on experience.

You can give yourself TIME to heal and hate your self. It is a process we all should go through but afterwards, it also has to end so we can start a new beginning. 

The hardest question I had to ask myself was where should I begin?
I had no more friends, no family, no job, no nothing to help me get through the aftermath of the series of intense mental, physical and emotional torture I suffered from. Everyday was a challenge for me. Definitely life is a handful when you have nothing to do and you can't go back to the things you "usually do". You can now begin to think you're screwed because you failed and you lost. So you may ask, how did I survive?

 After undergoing the "hating myself" process, which took quite a long time for me to get through, the question in my mind of what to do now came next.

So I thought of it and I thought of it until I finally had some ideas of where to start and how to start again. I thought of things that I wanted to do before, the things I'm good at, the places I want to go and definitely, WHO I WANT TO BE.

That is when I really gave time for Polyvore and though at the beginning it was nothing more than a great past time and a place where I can express my feelings, It is now as good as drinking water or eating food for me. 

I wake up everyday saying I'm thirsty, I HAVE to drink a glass of Polyvore, I am hungry I HAVE to create some sets, and check my messages, and say hi to my friends lol.

This site has given me a career goal and with a lot of amazing people who continuously supports my work and cheers for me, you know nothing is impossible.

I have also managed to create my own fashion blog where I post my outfits and looks. You can follow my blog here: http://katrinalovesfashion.blogspot.com/

You can also join my Polyvore group with over 700+ amazing members: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=167880

So what now, how's my life? Well I can't tell you it's perfect and that I have perfectly moved on and forgot the past. It can still be so frustrating sometimes when I feel like I haven't achieved much yet and it makes me feel inferior to be at this age, 21 and not be where I want to be. I still cry, feel mad, afraid, and in regrets sometimes. There are nights that are harder to deal with, times where I feel extremely anxious, times where I self pity and feel so negative but at least I have something to look forward to, right? And at least I have this place and these bunch of friends who love me for me and respects my individuality. Life can be a pain sometimes but we should learn to deal with it and never stop finding ways to be happy.

I dedicate this set to all abuse victims, you are now survivors because you are still here and still trying to hold on. I dedicate this to the people who have felt pain, anxiety, maltreatment, oppression, bullying, criticism, and loss.

Remember my dears: "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!"
I hope I can get this message across the globe.

Dedicated to some of my most supportive and talented pv friends: @limass @sneky @bittersweet89 @bamaannie @pusja76 @maggielovelace @garbowvu @incantare

@polyvore @polyvore-editorial 

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