The Return of Kyle. Okay so while i was on vacation for 10 days in Canada, Kyle was diagnosed with a very serious flu. She's not sure how she caught it [though it happened the night after she and Ty kinda had a fight in the closet @ Iggy's bday party], but it sucks and she was bedridden in the infirmary for most of the time I was away. If she was included in any of your stories, that's totally fine. 

I know she and skye have new roommates? Introduce yourselves :)

Update me on your dramas ladies. Kyle is in desperate need of an update since the nurse took away her phone. Yikes, i know. 

Can't wait to get back into the groove of things. & Happy 4th of July! 
----------------------------[the releases]-----------------------

I never thought i'd breathe in fresh air again. The infirmary had haunted me with the scent of the sick and images of dead bodies. Okay, so there were no dead bodies, but I hated the nurses and the constant shots I was forced to take. Plus the food was disgraceful. 

The morning of my release made me feel so ... free. Ty picked me up, along with Skye and they walked me back to the dorm. 

"We have a lot more people staying with us now." Skye updated me. I nodded, having heard of the dose of new roommates everyone had been given. 

"Should I be going back there? I don't want to spread my ... grossness." I said. 

"Would you rather go back there?" Skye laughed and nodded towards the infirmary. 

I shuddered, "No, thank you." 

With Ty's arm around me and Skye's stories from the parties and events I'd missed, i started to feel more like myself again. I had missed the eventful trip to Vegas [argh!!!] and so many other things. 

Ulane was not a Steel Cat, something I wasn't sure how i felt about. I know she'd never torture me like Bridgette had, but the Cat's have a rep to uphold. I hope Ulane can turn them around a bit. 

Once I got to my room, I feel face forward onto my bed and fell asleep. My sheets smelled fresh, clean. It was good to be back. 

xx, ky.

------------[umm are there any events for this week?]---------

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Wrote 5 years ago
2. i have missed you and how
3. update me on the drama
4. my drama. gavin is old news, im with frankie now. birdies brother. and hes like. hes effing awesome.
im actually happy.

Wrote 5 years ago
@ulane, i didn't think you would :), @Sohpina hey! We should get coffee sometime!

Wrote 5 years ago
YEY! You're back! Boy you missed ... yeah there are stories and stories and not nearly enough time to tell them! And you don't have to worry, I'd never tourture you as long as you don't cross me and since that'd never happen you have nothing to worry about!

Wrote 5 years ago
this doll is so chic!



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