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Title is a saying that is said in my house quite a lot.

Well First Set today. third Set of the Year.haha lol
So how is everyone's New Year?

Bleh What to say?

OH!...I want to See 'Did you hear about the Morgans?'..... It looks rather good. Well Hugh Grant is in so it must be good. I am Loving the whole talk nice to the bear thing and then the pepper spray in the eye.....
Bleh I was reading ..[Can't remember where though I think LiveJournal] about Kristen coming to the Uk to meet up with Rob!... I don't get why People can't leave their social life alone...Now see when i was younger I wanted to be an Actress but As I got older I would see how the Paps [ whichever way you wanna call them] would surround them and invade their privacy [I don't care if its spelt wrong] and I was like NO not for me..[lol] 

OH ! I took my TMI book with me to England and began reading when I was in my bed early..and I'm only 3 chapters in but I'm already loving it.... So Elle...i'm gonna thank you because Your Sets and the way you spoke about it made me want to read it [ Ha I sound like some weird crazy girl] and I did and I love it already....

I don't know why I used Kristen again..But I love her..Really. I think I like her more than Robert and Taylor..Well considering I've watched more of her movies..I only watched Robert in Harry Potter before twilight and I only Seen Taylor In Cheaper by the dozen 2 and then Sharkboy and Lavagirl. But Yeah I seen Kristen In alot more than just one or two movies...

Well Since I don't know what to really say [As if anyone cares]
I'm gonna Say Join My Group' My' Love Robert Pattinson' group. http://www.polyvore.com/love_robert_pattinson/group.show?id=78216 

 and My 'Vampire Couple' group..Its more of a Edward/Bella Stefan/Elena Buffy/Angel...you know Vampire/Human Couplse..but i [don't know why] but I allow Werewolves/HUman all that stuff in aswell.

the song I used is by Westlife..It was on the Tv at the time..So I used it haha
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