A fashion look from November 2012 featuring sweater pullover, embroidered jackets and purple mini skirt. Browse and shop related looks.


Wrote two years ago
Cute! Love Perks so much <3

Wrote two years ago
I remember reading this but I can't remember commenting so I'm gonna keep it short and just say that that was fun to read and asdfghj I need to watch Perks. This is so sad, I had planned to go on the day it came out and that got cancelled and now people that haven't even read the books have seen it and I'm still at home. Sad times. But I love this set so much :D

Wrote two years ago
love it!

Wrote two years ago
Alexa and Camille! Swoon :]

Wrote two years ago
wow i saw this a long time ago and forgot to come back and comment on it and idk if i ever responded to your comment on my set but thanks for thinking of me with sandy and all! =) and shoot i still havent watched perks! so sad. ill probs just end up renting it on netflix when it comes out on dvd bc i havent read the book anyways and wont have time until forever. but ahh i love ellen too--shes so hilarious--and i cant wait to see 1D on ellen!!!!! and i kinda miss liams hair too =( and good luck with all your work!!!! and youre such a standup citizen =) and amazing set!!!!

Wrote two years ago
great set dear!!!!!!!!!!!! love it

Wrote two years ago
Gorgeous set!! Love the colours! Thanks for liking my set and following me♥

Wrote two years ago
Instagram the Harry doll! I agree with #5, it's so hard! OH MYGOSH you listened to leaked songs!!!! This sparked my curiosity and I googled the songs...AND I FELT SO GUILTY SO I JUST clicked off. I have never felt this bad ohmy gosh... even a few seconds and I feel guilty.
Oh I didn't they turned the clocks back where you live too, I thought it was a West coast thing! :)
THIS IS LOVELY TOO. BAM WOW. FANTASTICO. I want to finish reading Perks.

Wrote two years ago
such a lovely look my dear!! xxxx

Wrote two years ago
oohhh wow. I absolutely love this set. and omg, Logan is so gorgeous. this set is so gorgeous. love the converse and the skirt. the denim jacket makes it so fantastic. such a perfect set. ♥♥♥.
and I saw the Perks of being a Wallflower a couple of weeks ago. it was really good, but it made me really sad. but Logan Lerman was gorgeous. and a super good actor. so was Emma Watson. and haha, your mom is so cool. omg, I love the video for Little Things too! I wish it told a story though. but now that you mention that the girl couldnt be super pretty, it would have been weird if they did do a story. and I am almost caught up in your story!!! oh and I miss LIams hair too. and Hot Topic is a scary place, when I went there, I felt so out of place. and people there scared me. OH, and YAYAYAY for your good deed. :)
goodbye now!

Wrote two years ago
this is so cool style super love it well done from this!

Wrote two years ago
Oh and stunning set as always! :)

Wrote two years ago
I don't like Hot Topic either haha...I was scared too!
And OMG yes, POBAW was amazing! Loved everything!
Have a good week!

Wrote two years ago
amazing set and fantastic look sweetie

Wrote two years ago
What attracted me to this set?! None other than the amazing Logan. God he is so adorable I can't even.
Your mom is pretty funny, a Harry Styles doll?! Haha she knows you well ;)
Gosh I remember the time I was a Twilight fan girl. I bought all the magazines posters etc., but when the first movie came out I was just like uhh. Kinda destroyed everything I loved about the book :p
Thumbs up for your good deed sister!! :))
And may I add how perfect this look is?!

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Wrote two years ago
very stylish set dear really love this so much

Wrote two years ago
im sorry you mentioned little things and i died all over again