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TIME FOR A MUCH NEEDED BLOGGY or well maybe not much needed but I figured I should update you all on my life since I can't come on as much anymore. SO BLOGGY TIME wheeee <3

1. First of all, everyone on the East Coast is still in my prayers, I truly hope all of you are okay and are getting power back soon and I wish I could help you all :/
2. Okay so I finally FINALLY got to see The Perks of Being A Wallflower today (I had lent the book to my cousin and was waiting for her to finish reading the book so we could see the movie) and OH MY GOODNESS I CAN'T EVEN FORM THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW SO I WON'T RAMBLE BUT ALL I CAN SAY IS ABSOLUTE UTTER PERFECTION. The cast was PERFECT, the movie was PERFECT, the soundtrack was PERFECT, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Stephen Chbosky, I applaud you so hard right now.
3. My mom got me a Harry Styles doll.... hehehe I think I will just keep it in the box and make it a collectible omg I can't believe she actually got it for me but ah gah it's so cute a Harry Ken doll xD
4. SPEAKING OF 1D, Little Things has been killing me all week guys guys guys I don't think I will be able to handle Take Me Home gah Ed had another song on the album and plus I heard 25 second leaked clips of Kiss Me and another one and oh my gosh I am in total fangirl mode already I can't... I just can't. #directionerproblems 
5. One of my favorite #firstworldproblems is seriously trying to figure out what filter to use on Instagram #sadbuttrue.
6. I love Ellen's celebrity pranks where she has hidden cameras and the celebs have to say exactly what she tells them in their ear piece. OMG the David Beckham ones kill me.
7. Alexa Chung and Camille Rowe are goddesses gah these pictures are so gorgeous. #jealous
8. I love the oxblood/maroon/cranberry trend it's so cute (as you can see in my recent sets and this one I love it) and I got some ribbed oxblood tights and they are awesome I must say I looked pretty fab in them the other day. I wore them with my brown leather riding boots, a white lace dress and a navy/maroon/goldish leopard print cardigan :)
9. IT'S NOVEMBER and I know some of you are wondering how Nano is going for me... Well this week has been pretty busy and I had 2 papers due like on Friday so I only have like 400 words written so far... I should have like 9k right now... So wish me luck hopefully I can get caught up soon because I really want to win this! :))
10. Logan Lerman... Seriously I've loved him for a long while (okay since like Hoot omg I'm not even kidding) and he was just so good in Perks he's such a good actor and he's so attractive and can he please come meet me so we can get married and have kids and live happily ever after okay like that sounds like a good plan to me?
11. Recently been laughing over danisnotonfire's videos on YouTube, he's yet another hilarious Brit <3
12. To my MTW readers, I honestly don't know if I will get a new chapter up at all in November because of Nano, but hang tight because I definitely have not forgotten about MTW, it's my baby. #noseriously 
13. I'm getting excited, in 2 weeks we have official initiation into my sorority! Like I'm a member already, but we have an official ceremony and lots of sisterhood stuff and we get lots of awesome gifts and we have a brunch with our families and show them the house and I can't wait! It's certainly kept me busy but I'm so glad I decided to go greek it's really fun :) And also it's different, more laid back and nice and not as wild/crazy at my school as what you usually hear so that's good :)
14. I went to my first college football game today (as in first at my school as a student there, not first ever). It was boring. Haha we left at half time, after the band's performance, which was the best part #truelife
15. So I kinda want some Converse again... I haven't had some since like 6th grade... #childhood
16. I miss Liam's hair :(
17. After this week one of my classes ends early (like before the actual semester ends) so then I won't have any classes at all on Fridays and not until 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays :)) #heckyes
18. OH YEAH wanna hear my good deed that I did on Thursday?? Okay well I'm gonna tell you anyway. SO I had to bring my brother some food because he had band practice after school so I brought it up to him and was on my way home through the neighborhood when I saw these two dogs on the side of the road. And one of them was a teeny tiny like teacup pomeranian! The other was a big like bird dog type. Now I am a dog lover anyway, but I am very partial to poms because we have 2 currently and had 1 before. So I of course stopped my car on the side of the road a bit away from them. I got out and leaned down and called to them, not thinking they would come because they would be scared, but the little pom came right up to me and let me pick it up and was sooooo tiny and soooo cute it legit looked like one of our poms and then the other dog came up and let me pet it but it wouldn't get in my car, which is understandable but more cars were starting to come by and I was getting worried, the bigger dog had a collar but the number on it didn't work and the address was from like cities away so finally I called my grandpa (my parents were at work) and got him to come help me and I was finally able to get them both in my car. We did some research online and in the phone book and were able to find the owners finally, but omg the dogs were so cute and so friendly and I just could NOT leave them, right by the side of the road! Granted it's not a very busy road, it's kinda out in the country-ish (suburban country haha) but still! Anyway, got them back to their owner and I really hope they get their fence fixed! But yeah, that was my good deed, glad I was able to find their home. The pomeranian's name is Rocky and the bird dog's name is Judy :) And I am such a nerd I took pictures of them while they were climbing all over me in my car, sitting on my lap and such <3 Reminds me I need to clean all the dog hair out of my car... 
19. ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IF YOU CAN! I can't wait, my first time voting ever! #yay #USA
20. I want to work at a boutique soon because I need money and I don't need clothes but they're such a weakness... I have to clean out my closet AGAIN and figure out what to donate. I also probably need to part with my Team Edward shirt (I'm still watching the movies and such but I'm not a huge obsessive Twilight fangirl anymore) that I got from Hot Topic like freshman year of high school and got scarred for life... Hot Topic scares me... 
21. ONE MORE THING... I just need to have a tiny rant on Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together... DOES SHE NOT REMEMBER (and everyone else for that matter) THAT HE BEAT HER UP?! Like, I'm sorry, that's just not forgivable to me. If someone physically hurts you, you should not let them back in because you don't know, they could always do it again and I just want girls to know that. Never let a man hurt you like that; you are better than that and never deserve that.

OKAY well if you read that you are awesome and I love you and I wish I could come on more :( and maybe I will once I don't have that one class anymore after this week! :) HAVE AN AMAZING SUPER DUPER WEEK EVERYONE thanks for everything as always <3

"We are infinite." ~ Stephen Chbosky
xx Taylor

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