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I was tagged by @hscullz

My Questions:
1. Celeb Crush?
I have too many, but I adore Matt Smith.
2. Last 3 songs you listened to?
Let's see. Blue Jeans by Lana, Only you by Ellie Goulding aand National Anthem by Lana.
3. Have you ever been to or are planning to go to a music festival? If yes, which one/ones?
I haven't, but I really want to go to Lowlands. A dutch indie festival. 
4. MGMT or Foster the People?
Both, but my preference goes to Foster the People. 
5. Describe your "style"
Uhhh, original but not too much over the top. I have no idea how to describe my style. 
6. Do you like your zodiac sign and birthstone?
I am a Lion, which I like I think. I never really do anything with it. I never go through the trouble of reading those articles.
7. Last food eaten?
Yoghurt, I believe. It was very good.
8. Have you ever been to a concert? If yes, which one?
Yeaah, my first concert was by Mika. Which was a lot of fun, but years ago. Plus I don't listen to him anymore.
9. Favorite genre of music?
Indie is probably my favorite. But is that really a genre? I think so.
10. Summer or winter?
I love both, but I have to pick summer. Because I love wearing shorts.
11. Future baby names?
I have too many, I feel weird already by having a ton of them. So telling them would make me even more weird.

Thanks for tagging me, @hscullz 

My questions: (no these are not the same question, just a bit different.)
1. Is your Polyvore style close to your own style?
2. Your favorite item in your closet?
3. Cat eye or round sunglasses?
4. Jeans or skirts?
5. Heels or flats?
6. Hats or beanies?
7. Nail polish or bare nails?
8. New York or London?
9. Europe or Asia?
10. Handbag or backpack?
11. And last, favorite Polyvore item?

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