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i made another set before but i made this the other day and wanted to post it first, haha. this is really summery, and it's the middle of winter here, but oh well. i tend to make winter sets in the summer and summer sets in the winter. it's alright though because the clothes i put in my sets are mostly applicable to all seasons and who cares if i post a seasoned set in the wrong season haha

i downloaded heaps of music yesterday, so i'm happy. a few that i got are the fray (i'm starting to listen to them more now :-) hah), and more of mgmt, snow patrol, charli xcx, the xx, two door cinema club and some others. i basically copied all of my music and gave it to my brother too so he can listen to them, hahaha. then we can both like great music together! merp

snow patrol is becoming another of my favourite bands. i've liked them for a while but i'm getting more into their music now. they're one of those bands that really perfectly match my music preferences (if you know what i mean? it's like they fit right into my music taste just right, haha). same with two door cinema club, m83, mgmt, etc. they all fit me so well. i have a lot of other favourite bands too but most of them aren't spot on like my most favourites

i gained a few followers on instagram yesterday! thanks guys :-) if you wanna follow me, social media links are in my last set. should i make a footer for my descriptions? with all my links and things? i want to but at the same time i don't bc mainstream lol and i can't be bothered to copy and paste so much stuff when i publish sets (95% of my sets are published via mobile so yeah)

spent the evening at z and his sister's place yesterday; i had a good time. we were all a bit hyper though, so it felt really hot in the room because we couldn't stop laughing, haha. we exchanged phones and things and played each other's games, it was fun. we even took selfies and stuff, hahaha. i can be really sociable if i want to, you see. i just don't make enough effort to go out and meet new people. i'm still a bit sad about leaving all of my old friends behind

did anyone else see the confession on poly about someone saying harry isn't really the greatest, hottest member in oned? that he doesn't even sound the best? i half agree. harry may be handsome, but i don't find him the most good looking (sorry not sorry. i love him so much but he's not my favourite for some reason) BUT i do think his voice is great. i wouldn't say the best in the band, because none of them are the best; they balance eachother out. i think a lot of people want harry to get a haircut though. i miss his curly hair, he looks like a hobo now. but still, that isn't making me like him less, haha. at least more people are realising he's hardly half the womaniser that people portray him as

i don't mean to offend any harry girls because harry is really hot and sweet and cute and perfect (exaggeration but sTILL) and i love him to bits. louis and niall are my favourites, and i call myself a louis girl, although a lot of you probably think i'm a niall girl since i talk about him so much, haha. my order is probably this: louis, niall (or niall, louis?), and then there's basically a three way tie between harry, liam, and zayn. let me try again: louis, niall, zayn, liam, harry. ugh no, i can't do it. my last three vary a lot, like they change allll the time, lol

i should get a life and think of other things to say besides one direction

nah hahahah

i have a bunch of adorable niall instagram imagines screenshotted that literally make me feel so happy, sad, and in a feels-y mood instantly, all at the same time. the scenarios are ace and i wish they happened to me, lol. i have to show you the rest, annika! @annikaelise119 they're so cute i am going to puke rainbows

hm, well i shall go now, it's really early and i want to sleep in for a bit more. or i'll just sleep all day, that's what saturdays are for, right? right. have a lovely day, everybody! i hope your day is as good as your butt (*˘︶˘*)

comment "jemma is rad" if you read all of this bc i am hahaha

- jemma

26.7.14 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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