WHICH TV presenter and part-time actress is feeling the single white female pressure lately? A few months ago, she spent the night with a girl she'd picked up in a bar - according to sources, the star isn't completely into girls, just curious. She didn't call the girl afterwards, which apparently didn't sit well with her one time lover, who's now following the actress around town and copying her every move.
Name: Pippa Malleson
Age: 19
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Known for: Briefly being the host of Good Morning America 
Model: mona johannesson

Top 4:
1. Pippa
2. Darcy 
3. Anastasia 
4. Scout


A sexy moan. 

A single, startling sin. 

Pippa wasn't sure when she started sleeping with the higher-ups to land that anchor job on Good Morning America. But the first cigarette she lit with her slightly shaky fingers marked her downward spiral. 

The good thing about Pippa, in her own opinion, was that she knows where she stands. She knows that she has a pretty face, because come on, the mirror doesn't lie. But she wasn't particularly outstanding in a crowd of actresses or other tv anchors. To put it simply, she lacks the little /oomph/ that will take her to superstardom. That's why she's still here, hanging around the outskirts of "the elite" with all the other small fries. 

That's around the time she noticed her producer, that tall, dirty, arrogant man. His gaze lingered on her arse just a little longer than what was considered appropriate, and she caught his stare when she accidentally-on-purpose dribbled some water over her white shirt. 

The industry is full of dirty little secrets. But these dirty little secrets are not hers to keep.
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