i like this song (obviously, it IS by stars), this set, and the general ~aura of this
as if that made any sense... 
but anyway.
gotta write my college essay thing and do a topic sentence outline and do my spanish homework. in that order. but should probably find my coffee first...
mini-whining: okay so me and my ex boyfriend did some less than kosher things on friday. and the whole reason we broke up is because he's an immature five year old who thinks that my guy best friend is in love with me. which he's not. but anyway he threw our ten month relationship away because even though i blocked him on fb, deleted his number, and blocked him on skype, JUST because i talked to him in the one class we have together, that shows i care about him more. ? also i was going to go with said guy friend to prom since ex dumped me but now we have both realized it's too much drama. so i am dateless. which is whatever but. ughhhh poop idiocy and poop. everyone i know thinks he's using me but whatever, i'm going to continue to be pigheaded until this works out.
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