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Stronger, Ye.

Unfortunately I have to spend (American) Thanksgiving with my big sister and her new husband (and their baggage) and his family as a 'bonding exercise'. More like free trip. To the (decimated?) Montauk Long Island. I think we'll actually be going to one of their other houses in like North Carolina but I can't care. Sorry not sorry Kate.

So regardless, this piece of shite is my entry for the first contest/intro. It was going perfect until the out fit and then boom horrid. I hate everything. Off to make three more sets.

Sorry I've let you down Klara :'(

Still hate this. @lixi-bunny you better do good with Klara, sweetie, okay? Take liberties, if my set sucks fix it. I trust you <3

Explanation: I was kind of trying to recreate the outfit of Magda's in the lower right corner, it's simplistic and flattering. You swim or tan at the beach, it's not an excuse to be flashy. And Klara is just a simplistic person who practically lives in her model uniform.
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