Antique Bakery*
Chi Hoon's POV

"Get inside, boy." The blonde girls gave me a sharp look. "I won't repeat."
I turned around to see Ah Ri entering Grandma's house with worried look on her face. I got to the car -letter I will explain everything to her -no it's time to face miss detective.
"Hello!" Warm voice from back seat welcomed me in the car. Nice looking man was eating chicken and smiling.
"Jinki, you always welcome suspects with mouth full of chicken? With whom I must work." Detective Harper sighed and started the engine.

Our three took one of the tables in ASH. A waitress in school uniform come to us. "May I take orders."
"Chicken wings..." Jinki started but Harper stopped him with one move of her hand. "We will take three coffees." 
She looked me straight in my eyes. "Yi, you know why I'm here."
"No, I don't know. "
"Don't play stupid. I know who you are."
"Who I used to be in Busan."
"Harper, he looks like good boy!" The lack of chicken on our table disappointed Jinki. "Like a boy who would appreciate a good portion of chicken wings!"
Harper ignored police officer "Yi, I don't care if you are still gangster -you will pay for everything you have done in Busan! You don't want go to jail? Then give me the names of your friends!"
"Harper, you know the saying that one looks ugly when angry? We don't need all those nerves."
Harper put her gun on the table. "You see it boy? I can make you a nice hole in the head!"
"Whoa, Harper! We don't kill people!"
"You don't kill people, Jinki!"
"You neither so let's talk like civilised people." I smiled. I was trying everything to control the situation.
Harper never has been a you can mess with. But still she decided to be detective -not gangster -so killing people without purpose wasn't in her style.
"I can't give you names."
"Why?" She asked.
The morality of ex gangster will kill me one day."I'm not sneak. And names won't give you anything - you need evidences to put them to jail."
Would my scares be enough evidence?
My nightmares repeating over and over again the night when Duk Su shot Shen.
My fear that one day the gang member will find where I'm living now...and hurt my brother to take revenge on me.

Harper had taken my collar ready to hit me but something in my eyes stopped her.
"We will talk later. Don't do anything stupid -I'm in the city ready to arrest you."
"Don't worry miss detective, I'm perfect citizen!"

Ah Ri's POV
Next day, morning

I was taking a shower still being angry at Chi Hoon. He just left me for some blonde girl!
Really boys nowadays don't have even a bit of good taste.
I covered myself with a towel and left the bathroom.
And I gave HIM my precious money!
"SoHyun, don't block the way to my room!" I yelled at that annoying brat.
"Good morning, lady in the towel." Uh, SoHyun's voice sounded too masculine. I looked at figure blocking my way -and to my surprise it was a man! A man in Grandma's house who wasn't Jane's brother! (It's okay for him to visit us since he is a gay, right?)
"What are you doing here, Mister I-Like-Blondes?" I demanded the answer from Chi Hoon.
"I'm working here! Repair the hole in your old room."
"So get back to work."
"Ah Ri?"
"Yes?" Was he going to apologise me for yesterday's disappearance in blonde's car?
"You're wetting the carpet. Are you that happy to see me?"
I looked at the carpet -oh I haven't dry myself properly with that stupid towel.
"And you are having a hammer on your feet."
"No I don't - "I took the hammer from his pocket, showed him my wicked smile and dropped the tool. He jumped back to avoid the falling hammer.
"Au revoir!" I closed myself in SoHyun's room and took three deep breaths.
"Eeeh, unnie, why are you blushing so much?"
"SoHyun, you should have been in school, huh?" 
"It's Saturday!"
Instead of answering I quickly entered my room and jumped on my bed.

Why, why
I was blushing after meeting with that boy?

Hope you'll like the story! ^^
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