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shocking. i actually did a tag :3
ps; starting to really like barbara palvin :P

I tag: the first five people who like this set :)
for the love of god, no tag backs.
Right then lovelies, Put your iPod/iTunes or WMP or whatever you use on shuffle, and which ever song comes up, that is the answer to the following questions, and NO CHEATING (include the band)
mine weren't really funny :|

How am I feeling today?
Firework - Katy Perry
Will I get far in life?
You Are The One - Shiny Toy Guns

How do my friends see me?
Mr. Jones - Counting Crows [great, they see me as a man -.-]
Where will I get Married?
Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins [buahaha]
What is my best friend's theme song?
I Heard You - Good Charlotte
What is the story of my life?
No Curtain Call - Maroon 5
What is/was highschool like?
Umbrella (Acoustic) -Marie Digby
How can I get ahead in life?
Crazy For You - N*sync
What is the best thing about me?
Anything But Ordinary - Avril Lavigne

How is today going to be?
Open Your Eyes - Sum 41
What is in store for this weekend?
Little Red Corvette - Prince
What song describes my parents?
Thug - Slim Thug [hands down, best one :3]
To describe my grandparents?
Last Thing On Your Mind - Lights
How is my life going?
Burn This City - Cartel
What song will they play at my funeral?
Rapture - iiO
How does the world see me?
Several Ways To Die Trying - Dashboard Confessional
Will I have a happy life?
Touch My Body - Mariah Carey [o.O]
What do you like to do for fun?
My First Kiss At The Public Execution - The Blood Brothers
Whats your style?
Misery Business - Paramore
How can I make myself happy?
Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo
What should I do with my life?
Tell Me Why - Taylor Swift
What do you do when you wake up in the morning?
Drowning Lessons - My Chemical Romance
What is some good advice for me?
Comin' Up From Behind - Marcy Playground
How will I be remembered?
Poppin' My Collar - Three 6 Mafia [that's a good way :3]

What is my signature dancing song?
Dirty Picture - Taio Cruz
What do I think my current theme song is?
Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Let Me Be - Britney Spears

What type of men/women do you like?
Fiction - Matchbook Romance [omg. i'm doomed :|]
Whats your style?
Tainted Love - Soft Cell

What do you think about?
Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls
What's your goal in life?
Lover - Devendra Banhart
What do you dream about?
One Week - Barenaked Ladies
What kinda food do you like?
Seduction - Usher
Where do you live?
Zombie - The Cranberries
What do you do on vacation?
Bleed, Everyone's Doing It - The Spill Canvas
What is your job?
RoboCop - Kanye West
If Obama called you on the phone what would you talk about?
If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry
If you were the president of the United States?
Give It Up To Me - Shakira
What's your motto?
Ghost In The Machine - B.o.B.
What your parents think of you?
Spaz - NERD
The song that explains your crush/ boyfriend?
Beautiful Oblivion - Eve 6
How you feel about your poly-bff(s)?
One & Only - Timbaland [;))))]
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