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♬ try - colbie caillat ♬

hey polyvore, whats up?
my mom was listening to this song just a few minutes ago and I never heard it before, but I thought the message was really good & I remember a few years ago I used to like love colbie caillat, so I figured why not? it's actually a great song!
hey also to my #R5family out there, ross is supposed to be in puerto rico starting to film tbm2, but my friend just told me that he was seen in mississippi with calum worthy..? i don't have a twitter so I'm kind of really confused whats going on, do any of you know?
have an awesome day/afternoon/night! :)
✧ get strange with the stars ✧
xo taylor || #mossandtossshippersforlife ( aw yeah still going @ombreskies cx ) #R5 #R5family || O6.28.14
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