~The Police, Roxanne {so if you haven't heard this brink-on-the-80s song, I don't know what to say. Because vintage music is so awesome.}


♔September 7: The school is putting on a charity fashion show. They managed to get designers to donate their clothes. You can either model, help with makeup, or help with styling.

Me, a model? As much as I would have liked to say yes because after all people said I had amazing bone structure, that was a definite no. I was more about the behind-the-scenes stuff, so of course I was the one helping with styling. Which was fun considering my fashion sense is very different from a lot of my fellow North Shore-ers.

"God, Laura this doesn't even /match/," Olivia scoffed as I handed her a wild paisley Marc Jacobs blazer and a striped Thakoon silk dress. 

"It's Pandora," I corrected her, pursing my lips as she turned away from me. "And it's high fashion, it doesn't have to match."

"Uch, what-ever." Olivia rolled her eyes and retreated to the makeup station. I stared after her, shaking my head. 

"Hey can you help me decide?" That Emily girl who was in yearbook with me came up holding two identical Jeffrey Campbell Litas. "Which ones would go with this skirt?" She lifted up an army green cargo skirt.

"They're the same..." I said.

"No, I think these are more scuffed up, you know?" Emily widened her eyes, praying for me to agree with her.

"Um, right, yeah." I nodded. What the heck, it didn't matter to me. "Go with those ones then."


"Yes, really," I answered, trying not to smack her. She seemed nice enough, but a little too deer-in-the-headlights for me.

Kylie and Nadine sashayed by, decked out in designer wear. They were obviously models, especially by the way Kylie glanced at me dismissively. As if I were below her. Hello, she was the freshman. I merely smiled back cheerily at her as they passed. 

"I like your dress," Avery, the quiet goth girl whispered to Olivia once some sophomore had finished Olivia's makeup. 

"I know, it's so gorg, isn't it?" Olivia grinned wickedly at me and I balked. "It was like made for me or something." 

She sauntered off and Avery followed her like a little puppy to the runway curtains. 

I couldn't believe Olivia had just said that. Actually, I could.

"Panda!" Sophie came bouncing up in a sequined Betsey Johnson. "Zip me up?" 

"Sure," I said, reaching for the back of the dress. I zipped it up tight and Sophie looked like she could barely breathe. But maybe she always looked like that, who knew.

"Yay, thanks Panda!" Sophie grinned. Then she grabbed the first girl she saw and wrapped her arms around her. The girl happened to be that blonde Lindsey. "Get a picture, mkay?" she told me as Lindsey raised her eyebrows, curious.

"Yeah, okay," I agreed, pulling my camera over my head. I snapped a few quick shots before Sophie realized she was going to be late.

"When are you up?" I asked Lindsey since she was the only girl around. 

She glanced at me as if first noticing me. "Um, soon I guess."

"Did they make you model or did you want to?" I asked, finding nothing else to say.

She made a little noise that sounded like a laugh. "I /wanted/ to model. And of course they wanted me to."

"I see."

Lindsey bit her lip. "Yeah, so I should get out there."

"Good luck, don't break a leg," I warned.

"Aren't you supposed to say /do/ break a leg?" Lindsey smiled. 

"Whatever works," I said, shrugging. Lindsey nodded, disappearing behind the curtain. I found myself backstage all alone with my camera, but that was fine by me.

Models were so much drama. 

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