December 9th;
Clover Harper;

[It's short and terrible. But it's something and that counts right?] 

"Do i have to go?" I whined to Grace as i pulled my leopard printed sweater over my head.I really didn't feel like getting snow thrown at my face today, or any other day really.

"Yes." Grace said simply with a nod, "Why wouldn't you want to go? It's Girls vs Boys and we need to win." She added her tone serious while she made herself comfortable on my bed. 

"I'm not really fond of snow getting thrown at my face." I stated while trying to decide on what boots would be best for today's activities. 

Grace laughed, "Who says you're going to get hit in the face?" 

"It's like the rules of a snowball fight." I stated, "Everyone knows that once that snowball is made people get crazy and start aiming for the face." I added, knowing from experience of course. 

"You're ridiculous." Grace laughed, "Anyway if you do happen to get hit in the face you can always just hit them right back." She added like it was no big deal, "And wear the brown wedges." 

"Wonderful philosophy you have there." I said dryly with an eye roll, "Besides there's only two boys i'd enjoy hitting in the face with a snowball." I added as i pulled on my wedges. 

Grace giggled, "I bet i know exactly who they are too." 

"I'm sure everybody does." I said as Grace patted my knee trying to comfort me, "We should probably get getting before they put us on the boys team for being late." I added with a laugh. 


"Scott i swear if you," My warning cut off short as i felt the cold sensation of snow hit my face. Grace was totally getting an i told you so back at the house. 

"Sorry Clover!" Scott apologized over his shoulder as he ran off. Probably to go hit some other unsuspecting girl in the face with a snowball. 

"You're boyfriend is no longer a puppy. He's an ass." I stated matter of factly to Ally once i spotted her, "He hit me in the face with a snowball." I explained once i noticed the confusion on her face. 

"Oh." She said looking as though she was biting back laughter, "I'm sure he didn't mean to hit you in the face." Ally added. 

"Maybe, maybe not." I said with a grin as an idea for revenge popped into my head, "But how do you feel about helping me get him back?" I questioned. 

"Of course." Ally laughed, "It is girls vs boys after all." She laughed. 

I clapped my hands together, "Good. Here's what we're going to do." 

I guess it was a good idea i came after all. I'd have to thank Grace for that as well. 

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