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Aria Cohen;

"So let me get this straight your totally important emergency is buying a wedding present for Joe and Gabriel?" Dean said to me judgement clear on his face.

"Yes." I admitted biting my lip wincing under Dean's gaze . "I don't know what to get them. I don't know them." I admitted hanging my head letting my hair fall over my face like a curtain. 

"And i do?" Dean exclaimed. "You are lucky i am nice other wise i'd be kicking your car right now." he said before shooting a pointed look at car as if it some how proved his point. "When you said emergency , i thought it would be revenge on Nick and would hopefully include doing things that are dangerously close to be considered illegal. Not shopping - Couldn't you have called Ally or something?"

"She is busy with Scott and i didn't want to interrupt them Dean, please don't make me become a c.ock block Dean." I whined. Dean chuckled throwing an arm around my shoulders. "I will help you because well you've already drove me here and two to help people get laid."

"Great priorities you got there." I mumbled shrugging his arms off. "Oi i'm helping am i not? Be grateful young one." Dean said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at him "Do you actually have any ideas? I mean you know them right?" I asked as we walked out of the car park and into the mall. 

"Not really no. Didn't Gabriel live in the same house as you for a month? Shouldn't you be less clueless about this?" Dean asked. "Technically maybe but i never interacted with him , I had other things going on."

"Screwing Moore?" Dean replied rather unhelpfully. "No." I said glaring at Dean. Dean raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "Well maybe - I think we might have been fighting at the time actually." I said tilting my head to side as i tried to remember. "And if i was screwing Moore do you blame me Mr the first time you met me you pointed out he had a nice a.ss."

"Hey i also said the librarian needed a servicing but i wasn't serious." Dean pointed out. "I was trying to endear myself to you to gain trust and use you to destroy Tyler." Dean added. "And all of this is beside the point - the point is Cohen some guy was living in your house for over a month and you didn't notice and now you've dragged me here to buy present for said guy."

"And you aren't helping so help. What do you buy people for weddings? It's towels right? I have a feeling it's towels , towels or toasters." I said quickly tapping my chin as i though about. "I could buy both and then i'd be safe either way."

"Okay no towels or toasters because that is just lame. Who gave you that idea?" Dean huffed. "And secondly Cohen why are you going to a wedding of people you don't know?" Dean asked. "I do know them -" I said receiving a pointed look from Dean. "Okay , I never been to a wedding okay." I said stopping slightly as a bunch of hipster teens turned around snickering at me.

"Go have a shower. Your hair looks a rat nest." I shouted causing them turn away in a hurry - that is right stupid unwashed masses , fear me. Dean snorted before raising his hands in mock defense as my glare turned on him. "Work is making you grumpy. I kinda like it - later we should go to the record store and scare people." he said grinning. 

"Maybe -" I shrugged. "Anyway back to the problem at hand. What do i buy Joe and Gabriel? wait what did you get them?" I asked frowning. Dean stiffened shoving his hands in his pockets. "Nothing I'm not -" he started but i got the hint - he wasn't going , atleast he wasn't planning on it.

"Right well i get a totally awesome present from me and give them a card and like 50 dollars from you - you know just to keep it realistic because you know you don't have a job so no money is coming and 50 seems like a good amount not to cheap but believable." 

"And why would you do that Cohen?" Dean asked raising an eyebrow. I shrugged "Seems like the right thing to do doesn't it. Like it's your way of saying sorry for not being there." 

"I wasn't actually invited." Dean pointed out. I was sure he had been but that wasn't the point. 

"Shush okay and help. Do you think they would want all the seasons of new Who? I asked. Dean laughed at this suggestion. "Cohen not everyone likes Doctor Who." 

"Well they should because it's awesome and what better way to start married life than watching the best Britain has to offer?" I said placing a hand on my hip. 

"It's not the best Britain has to offer." Dean huffed. "I am sorry i can't hear you over 50 fu.cking years off it so ner ner." I said grinning. "You sure you are 21?" Dean said laughing once again at me. Normally i would have got more annoyed but laughing and smiling was good.

"Cohen you get things people will need once they are married and before you say it not towels. Just no." Dean said holding a hand up. 

"So what a divorce lawyers number?" I asked.

 "Jesus Christ Cohen. It's one extreme to the next with you isn't. It's either towels and Doctor Who or sorry but i am pretty sure you marriage won't last here have this number - what happened to you to make you this way? I've met your family and it's not heredity." Dean ranted.

"Pretty sure all of us Cohen's are like this. Leo and Brody just hide it better." I said shrugging , Dean didn't seem to buying it. "You wouldn't like me if i was less cynical lets be real here." 

"Just don't get to Spencer levels and we will be good. " Dean said grinning. "Anyway lets go find you a present even though i am sure half the people there won't have one. " 

"Well you know me above and beyond right?" I joked. 

"It's the Cohen way."


"Why does everything to do with wedding have to have his and hers , husband and wife , or bride and groom on it." I huffed sipping my drink. Dean and I were currently sat in the food court our attempts at finding a suitable present had so far been a massive failure.

"Because those shops are clearly homophobic and unaware they actually live in 2014." Dean stated as if it was the simplest thing in the world. 

"I could always give them money?" I said frowning - my parents had never been big on money and gift cards are presents something that was passed on to me. 

"You could." Dean nodded in agreement. "I mean what newly married couple doesn't need money." Dean added.

"Exactly but what would be the acceptable amount?" I asked biting my straw. "Do you think a hundred would be good?" I asked.

"You are been serious right now aren't you?" Dean asked, I nodded "Why? Does that seem cheap?" I asked worried. Someone should write a book about wedding gift etiquette, it would be very helpful right about now.

"Cohen - " Dean sighed. "Do you even have a 100 bucks?" 

"Yeah?" I answered slowly. "Don't worry about . They are from Boston right? Do you think they will like Red Sox stuff even if it may have Pawtucket on it instead of Boston?" I mused. 

"Now that would be cheap." Dean commented with a laugh.

"So go with the money than?" I asked. Dean shrugged. "Let's try one last shop and if they don't have it give them the money and we can go the record shop and scare stupid hipster - Do you reckon that lead singer from the other night be there ? I would love to tell him what real music is."

"They covered the Sesame Street theme song Dean. If that doesn't make you like them just a little i don't know what will. I mean how can you hate Sesame Street?"

"You are just easily won over by cover songs Cohen. I on the other hand i am not easy." Dean said with a smirk. "Oi" I said kicking him from the under the table. "Rude."

"I meant musically."

"Do you think Joe and Gabriel would want the entire back catalouge of Muse? - I mean since we are going there anyway why not by cd's or whatever."

"No. Just no."

"But Muse is great. Muse is good. " I started but the look on Dean's face suggested that this idea was worse then the towels. "What about -"

"No music."

"What would buy them?" I asked. "I know you that you said you wouldn't buy them something but if you had to?" I asked.

"Condoms because what married couple doesn't need that." Dean stated. Well that was a gift idea i wouldn't be stealing from him. Money was looking like the winner. 

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Wrote two years ago
loved this!!

Wrote two years ago
@elizabeth-kate haha no, I'm starting to find him charmingly snarky :3

Wrote two years ago
@starstruckkspasms I'm glad I didn't ruin Chrissy's character forever for you :3

Wrote two years ago
I'm finally starting to like dean :3
Thank y'all for redeeming him!
CONDOMS WOULD BE AN AMAZING GIFT. Just saying. And now, I am caught up for you. *insert round of applause here*



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