"Jade your ridiculous!! You know that, right?! Why don't you come with me we can leave now and talk abou-"

"Because I don't WANT to go with you Pierce!! GOD! You can't make me leave with you! I don't even know why you came down here! How did you even know we were here?!!"

I looked over at Brenn in the midst of our arguing and the look on her face gave it away.

"Don't look at me! It's not like I knew you guys were back at each others throats again!" she defended

I couldn't be mad at her. After all she did have a point.

"You know what, I'm sooo not f.cking doing this tonight" I gave in walking into the street to wail a cab for Brenn and I.

"No, your not getting into a cab! Come back here!!" he pulled my arm back down

"Keep your f.cking hands off me!! Don't touch me! Why do you do this?! You can't randomly show up every where I am!! It doesn't work like that!!!"

"Well if you'd answer the dam phone when I call, I wouldn't have too!!" he yelled back

"I don't answer the phone becasue I don't want to talk to you. WE HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!!" I screamed again standing a nose hair away from him 

Words couldn't describe how extremely tired I was of arguing like this with Pierce. I could count on my night being ruined like this at least once a month from him. It was getting old and ridiculous. We looked ridiculous, standing out in public arguing like two crazy people. Which is why we broke up in the first place. I noticed Brenn taking a seat along the sidewalk I knew she was getting tired of all this too. 

"Look, Jade.. babe. I don't want to do this either. All this arguing is making me crazy" he said taking a small step to me "I just want us to talk. So please can we just go somewhere and talk?"

I shook my head in disbelief. We weren't going to do things on HIS time. When HE was ready.

"I'm sorry Pierce but I told you I have nothing to say to you and I don't give a f.ck about whatever you have to say to me so please just leave me the h.ll alone!"

"You know what FINE! I'm through f.ck this sh.t! F.ck you!!" he said hardening his look again

"F.ck me? No, f.ck you!! and all your stupid a.s whines 'please let's just talk Jade' Get the f.ck outta here! " I mimicked as he started to walk away then he stopped

"You see what your doing right now?! Your crazy!! I came down here to show you I cared...to talk to you!! But you turn around and say I'm whining?!!You know what I'm definitely done." 

"Good!! I'm glad you finally get the picture!" I started to clap which only made him madder

"Your clapping now but when you realize how serious I am, you'll regret it" he spat walking away

"Yeah right Pierce, I'll realize it and regret it I'm sure" I said sarcastically as I walked toward the street for a cab again

"You will and it'll be too late because as of right here right now I'm done!"

"You know what YOUR the one that's too late. I was done a loooong time ago! But you still haven't noticed that have you? And now the chance of me realizing anything will never happen because I'm leaving for good next week to make sure of it."

"Leaving?... What?" 

That last part slipped out but seeing the look on his face I didn't regret it. 

"Wait a minute did you just say leaving for good?... Next week?" Brenn caught me off guard, she was standing again.

My eyes popped slightly, I forgot I still hadn't told her. I just didn't know how and I hadn't figured it out yet. She had been going through this whole Ryan and Adam thing and I didn't wanna just lay it on her. But looks like that's exactly what I did....

"Jade... heelloo. Answer me!" she was standing right in front of me

Sh.t. What could I say? Now was definitely not the time. Instead of saying anything else I stepped off the sidewalk and held my arm in the air. I looked back at both of them still staring at me without a blink. 

"No the f.ck you are not just going to hop in a cab and leave without answering me" Brenn came to where I was standing

"No, I wasn't leaving..we were leaving" I glanced back at Pierce whose expression was baffled 

A cab came up and I grabbed Brenn by the arm as I got into the back seat. As we drove off I looked at Pierce standing on the sidewalk in the same spot. The look in his face made me want to stop the cab and get out but I knew where that would lead, so this was best for us... I hoped.

"What the f.ck Jade? You were saying..." back to Brenn

"Do you remember I was telling you about that modeling company in California?" I looked at her not knowing quite how to spit it out


"Well... I got the job" I shrugged

"....and your leaving next week? Were you just going to leave a note under my pillow? Or where you even going to tell me?"

"Of course, I was going to tell you. I just didn't know how"

"Hey Brenn I'm leaving for California in a week" she said blatantly I knew she was mad

I had never done this whole best friend thing so I didn't know what to do. The look in her face only made it more difficult.

"I'm sorry Brenn can we please just talk about this in the morning. I'm just not in the mood for anymore arguing... of any kind tonight" I sighed heavily 

"Fine" she let out after a long pause


"...seeing that we'll have a WHOLE seven days to talk it out" she spat facing the window

Maybe I deserved that but something told me this wasn't going to be easy.
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